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Nov 26 2013

I Know I Can

by Nas This song is really the perfect metaphor for hip-hop pedagogy.¬† Why? Peep this video Also – you’ll hear some follow up from last weeks conversation as the role of teacher as instructor and “inspirer.” It’s cool to be a good instructor, but it’s a game changer to be a real teacher – someone…

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Nov 15 2013

Video Killed The Radio Star

- The Buggles So I made a video. I’m just trying to talk to kids about their rights in the classroom and maybe share some math hacks. We should teach empowered students. We’ll see where the channel goes, but here’s the premiere!

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Nov 15 2013

On reading.

This morning I had tromped completely across my backyard before I noticed my boots had just the tiniest film on them, and that my old principal’s car was covered in frost. I was walking from my yard to the Administration Building, which is the house next door. The two of us have started a weekly…

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Nov 14 2013


by Justin Timberlake Obviously, I’m on a Timbo kick – but that’s “Not a Bad Thing” (see what I did there??!?) Anyway – before I digress into my deep and abiding love for Mr. Timberlake, let me talk about charter applications: they are long. My Charter School application will be about 330-350 pages. They will…

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Nov 13 2013

Not a Bad Thing

by Justin Timberlake Lately things have been interesting: I’ve gone from intense disappointment and intense anger with TFA to a sort of compromise between myself and the organization. Now this isn’t to say that all is well philosophically between TFA and me, BUT I think I have a better idea where TFA is coming from.…

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Nov 12 2013

Calling all lovers of books!

I don’t need to read all this, Caroline, just let me sign up to help!! Students love books, too. Two years ago, this blog helped me supply my classroom library with favorite titles including the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Percy Jackson series, a whole bin of over 50 Babysitters Club books, Animorphs, Bluford…

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Nov 09 2013

One Mic

by Nas Hey Teachforus – This is just a heads up that I’m back and will be blogging as a more seasoned and even more reflective teacher. Here are the quit hits: I hate TFA less (but still think it’s problematic) I’m starting a school (because why talk shit without solving problems?) I think conversation…

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Nov 06 2013

The beginning of the end? Your thoughts sincerely appreciated.

Today sucked. Everything about today sucked. Well maybe not everything…During my plan time, I was in the office when a woman brought her daughter to school late. We recently got a security officer in our building for the sole purpose of protecting our principal and staff from this woman. There is a restraining order against…

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Nov 04 2013

Building Grit, I suppose…

It is said that grit is the most effective indicator of successful people. ¬†There is a stronger correlation between grit and success than anything else. I don’t know if I’m particularly “gritty” or not, but luckily for me, grit can be built. I suppose this is what it feels like to build grit. To be…

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Nov 03 2013

Where did all the confidence go?!

Sunday, anxiety riddled mess of a Sunday. Sitting in a Little Rock apartment that is not mine, with Poppy the poodle. Set up around the coffee table with one laptop playing A Bug’s Life, my phone playing Pandora, and this laptop being used for work. Grading in front of me, along with a bottle of…

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