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Nov 02 2013

“Teachers make miracles happen.”

ACTELA’s college teacher of the year, Shoudong Feng, said the above quote at this year’s Arkansas Curriculum Conference, which I spent all of today and yesterday at. After feeling like the world is falling for the past two weeks, these two days have given me the ability to breathe again. Less guilt, more inspiration, more…

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Oct 31 2013

I Quit Teach for America Too

About a month ago, a former TFA corps member named Olivia Blanchard published this superb recounting of her time in the corps in The Atlantic.  Absolutely everything in the article resonated with me, and much of what she says I wish I had written myself in my first Teach for Us post .  And as is the…

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  To most readers of the blogs on the Teach for Us website, Gary Rubinstein is best known for his critiques of Teach for America’s training model and ed reformers’ miracle school claims.  It was his posts on education reform that originally inspired me to start my own blog here.  As an author on education,…

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Oct 29 2013

Dumas Man Killed

I am trying to get my internship log completed by the October 28th deadline. The only problem is October 28th ended 14 minutes ago and my log is empty because I didn’t do any of the 34 required activities. I started to complete one, just now, called a “Demographic Narrative.” Relative to my last post,…

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Oct 24 2013

So Over October.

October is usually my favorite month of the year.  Think about it: Pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere, Octoberfests, College Football gets serious, Pink all around for breast cancer awareness, apples, pumpkins, crunchy colorful LEAVES, the weather… October is wonderful. Outside the walls of Room 306. This month at school was, let’s just say, one that…

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Oct 21 2013

Teaching the Achievement Gap

There are four responsibilities: 1) teach sixth grade, 2) plan professional development for 21 first year teachers (and begin to plan summer training for 35 new first year teachers), 3) complete three grad classes this semester, including an internship, and 4) train for a half marathon in a month, full marathon in February. There is…

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It occurs to me that I have no idea what the general public opinion is of Teach For America. On the one hand, all my parents’ friends really seem to like it, and most older folks I meet think it’s great. On the other hand, nearly every time I see TFA mentioned in an internet…

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Oct 19 2013

The Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Going back to Los Angeles for a wedding last weekend made it tough to show up in school on Monday.  Honestly, I didn’t want to come back.  However, on Friday before I left for the weekend, one of my students ran up to me (like she always does on Fridays) and asked me if I…

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Oct 15 2013

The world is silly.

My parents live in a fairly ritzy suburb of Boston, and they take their puppy every day to doggy day care in the city while they work. Perhaps a little fussy, but not outside the realm of possibility for a lot of people. It costs $28 a day to board your dog at this place.…

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Oct 13 2013

Not enough time…

He can multiply! Woohoo! “He” in this case is my used-to-be-lowest kiddo, who has some serious (and documented) short term memory issues. Math is a terror for this kid because he doesn’t have the memory to remember…anything. Including his facts. That means if he’s doing, say, multiplication, he starts, then has to pause and make…

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