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Mar 30 2014

on re-hitting my stride

Spring has come and, with it, all the promise of finishing this year out strong. In a strange way, it feels like some things have already come to an end. We had our last district-wide 8th grade English day and, after hours of reflection and planning and best practices for next year, I walked into…

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Tomorrow is our first day back to school after Spring Break. There are a host of memorial activities scheduled for this week & this weekend; I headed back to school today to make some copies and was struck by how just being there reminded me of the overwhelming sadness we faced just two weeks ago.…

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Impostor Syndrome that received lots of great comments and feedback (yes – I read every comment and really do think about what you all have to say). You asked solid questions and nudged me in just the right ways. Thank you all. I wanted to revisit this…

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Mar 13 2014

death hits home.

A student at my school passed away last night. It was unexpected – a tragic accident, horrendous in that other children saw it and tried to save his life – and yet it happened, and the dawn broke, and the sun rose and we all went to school. The day itself was agonizing. My students…

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I haven’t written on here in a while. That’s been on purpose. To be honest, I’ve been struggling. Not instruction-wise or evaluation-wise; more on that later. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and self-esteem issues. I’ve been struggling to believe I am actually good at this. And despite the fact that I’m on track to skip…

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Feb 23 2014

Badges: Persistence

A conversation I had with one of my students (B) during math office hours on Thursday keeps replaying in my head.  He’s one of my A students who, for several months, was aiming for (and earning) 100% in my class.  He was struggling with an exercise on KhanAcademy, not because he didn’t know it, but…

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Feb 11 2014

fear itself

As I watched one of the US Olympic figure skaters give her post-routine interview, her words struck me. “I used to be scared. But once I let go of that fear, I really fell in love with this sport.” I’m usually not one for over-analyzing already over-analyzed sport metaphors but something about that idea struck…

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Feb 07 2014

One Hundred Days

Yesterday marked a rather poetic benchmark in my first year. It was the 100th day of school, and also 100 days until the current seniors at my university will graduate. I remember this day a year ago – I hadn’t even interviewed at my current school district yet – and though it was only a…

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Feb 02 2014

Consequences and Controlling Your Classroom

This school year has been rough on me.  Like every year, I have an incredible group of students.  However, this year’s group needs a lot of extra love and patience in ways that can, at times, be wearing on a teacher that already pours every ounce of their day into loving their children.  So as…

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Jan 29 2014


When I joined TFA and began teaching last summer, I accepted that this would be a difficult adventure. Teaching itself is terribly tough for any first year, let alone someone who has only recently begun to learn how. I knew I would struggle with classroom management. I understood that many of my students come from…

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