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Oct 12 2015

How to Annotate a Book

Priority is given by us to your buyers. There are numerous motives to understand how to work with a notebook computer, mainly to achieve of using a lightweight, portable computer, the mobility and freedom. Software packages and operating systems notebooks are run-on by that work almost identically towards the technique they focus on desktop computers.…

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Oct 05 2015

them not you

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Aug 11 2015

Transformational Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

I wrote this blog post for TFA Top Stories and received some positive feedback, so I thought I would share it on my own page. You can access it here.

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Jun 07 2015

Inescapable Privilege

Teach for America talks about privilege at every event and in every meeting. It is an unavoidable reality that as a college-educated teacher working in a low-income community it would come up. I was excited for these conversations. What I did not expect was how much it would come to take over my way of…

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May 26 2015

“Welcome to alumnihood.”

I graduated from Teach For America eleven days ago. It was a lovely ceremony; I invited a few of my closest school friends (my Houston family) and we all raised our glasses of sparkling apple juice to two years of deeply meaningful work. At the end I took pictures with flowers and certificates and that…

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After two and a half years teaching at Homestead Senior, I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life–to leave. Why I decided to leave? I still can’t logically explain it. Nothing was wrong. I had the best students, the best administration, I was doing so much, getting kids to learn, to invest…

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Mar 21 2015

#91: Affinity

One of my former students approached me around October. He really wanted to start an LGBT group and wanted me to sponsor it. I wondered why he had approached me. Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for candor and for answering frank questions from students. I’ve always made sure to affirm the identities of…

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Mar 04 2015

Seven Truths About Being a Minority (hint: you don’t choose it)

This post has been a long time coming. It all starts with one really simple question. Why would I choose to be a minority? From the outside I seem like the stereotypical perfect American girl. I am good looking, I have good hair, I dress well, I take care of myself, I am intellectual, I…

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