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Nov 01 2014

Halloween 2014

So I really had no intentions of dressing up for Halloween this year until October 28th, 4 days before Halloween. The kiddies kept asking me what I was going to be, what would my costume look like, if I got it at Party City,  and well not really having an answer for them I just smiled and…

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Dec 12 2013

meanwhile at lunch bunch today…

James: Hey Damien, did you hear that Nelson Mandela died? Damien: Yeah, he died at the age of 95 James: Yeah, he died in Johannesburg Damien: Yeah, did you hear the speech Obama made about him? LOL, I dropped my McDonalds snack wrap. My aspiring political scientists. They are only in the 3rd grade <3

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Nov 11 2013

Reflections on Learning

After doing more research regarding the e-learning initiative, I found the online platform called Udemy.  One of the best things I could think of for my school would be to conduct online professional development courses once a month.  This would be used as an alternate to the whole faculty at the school staying in a…

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Sep 28 2013

Reflection on an e-Learning Initiative

Share your thoughts and ideas about the e-learning initiative you are developing.  Have you selected a topic yet, and if so, what is it and why did you choose this particular initiative?  What knowledge or skills do you bring to designing the initiative?   If you haven’t selected an initiative, what are you considering? My initiative…

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Jul 25 2013

As you leave Institute

I’m sitting here trying to discover a way to tell 60 amazing, inspiring, and infuriating individuals how they have touched me and changed me and pushed me over the last 5 weeks. How can I convey to you the gravity of the impact you have had on me? We have shared intimate moments together that…

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Jul 17 2013

Pre 23 Post

I’m turning 23 this Friday, July 19th.  Here’s an over-simplified account of my path to date: I studied Finance & Marketing as an undergraduate.  Afterwards, I joined TFA and taught middle school math for a year. During the summer after my first year, I decided to contact the consulting company that gave me an offer…

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Jul 09 2013

Thoughts on Diversity

This question was left by a Corps Member in a recent Diversity session I facilitated. Given the nature of the high need and sensitivity of working in low income communities through Teach for America, do you personally feel that TFA (institute) adequately prepares corps members to enter classrooms in August? A corps member left this…

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Apr 19 2013

Why, hello, 2013s!

Hard to believe that a year ago I found out I had gotten into Teach for America.  Actually, I think it was a year ago this week.  I remember the criticism, the anger from my family that I would do this, the fear of not knowing what the classroom would hold.  I would read critics…

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Feb 20 2013

The Reality of Teaching in City Schools

TFA tells us to aim for 80% mastery and we can change the life of every student.  And maybe we can.  But the reality is, if I get 60% mastery, it is a great day.  The reality is despite hours of conversations, time spent during school and after school talking to kids about making the…

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Jan 02 2013


I don’t update this blog often.  A recent post on here questioning the relative silence of the 2012 corps and suggesting perhaps there is a rather insidious explanation (such as widespread mental breakdown) for this silence inspired me to write on here.  I may be a 2011, not a 2012, but for posterity’s sake, I…

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