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Nov 13 2013

Not a Bad Thing

by Justin Timberlake Lately things have been interesting: I’ve gone from intense disappointment and intense anger with TFA to a sort of compromise between myself and the organization. Now this isn’t to say that all is well philosophically between TFA and me, BUT I think I have a better idea where TFA is coming from.…

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Nov 09 2013

One Mic

by Nas Hey Teachforus – This is just a heads up that I’m back and will be blogging as a more seasoned and even more reflective teacher. Here are the quit hits: I hate TFA less (but still think it’s problematic) I’m starting a school (because why talk shit without solving problems?) I think conversation…

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Aug 27 2013

B is for Blue Chairs

I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa almost 13 months ago to join the founding team of Spark Schools, Africa’s first blended learning school network.  This week, as we sign the lease on our second school building, start the interview process for our second staff, and open enrolment for our second student intake, I want to…

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Aug 27 2013

First day of teaching–teaching…not “teaching”

woah.   day 1: in the bag…that just so happened to have some holes….it’s still a bag, though!   I’ve never had 30 bold and beautiful souls make me so nervous in my life! Today came with a lot of life lessons for me. Its crazy to think how a room of little youngsters can…

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May 07 2013

of fists and fathers.

It’s an unfortunately familiar scene in my classroom – one of my students raising their hand, fist balled, ready to land a punch in a dispute over a cup of crayons or the last available tricycle.  When you’re caught in a classroom that bounces back and forth between two distinct languages and it’s your first…

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Feb 05 2013

Manning Up

There is something inherently emasculating about revealing oneself as a preschool teacher in conversation with strangers.  It’s always an interesting social experiment, however, and I usually take one of three routes: simply state that I teach pre-K, go vague and say that I work with younger elementary students, or drop the TFA bomb and let…

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Nov 16 2012

B is for Because

Stacey and Ryan, the co-founders of eAdvance, have begun asking staff members to present at our weekly meetings about the eAdvance story and our roles in it.  The following is my presentation from this morning. I met Stacey and Ryan on January 19, 2012.  They were two South Africans on a research trip to the…

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Oct 22 2012

B is for Burning Platform

On Saturday, I attended TedxSoweto, an independent TED conference focused on solutions to close the wealth gap in Africa.  Before I spend this post bemoaning the state of the South African education system, I want to take a moment to acknowledge how incredible it is that Soweto was the site of a conference affiliated with…

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Sep 18 2012

Year 3. Day 17.

It’s hard to say goodbye to summer, even when you’re 4 weeks into the year. Was I really in Argentina a month ago? Did that trip to Brazil actually happen? Can those memories of sipping coconuts on Rio beaches already be fading? Year three has brought an unanticipated frenzy. First trigger: I moved to a…

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Sep 12 2012

B is for Build

Five weeks ago, I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa to join eAdvance as the Director of Development and Leadership.  It turns out that opening a primary school is an all-hands-on-deck sort of endeavor.  Yes, I do develop curriculum, design professional development sessions, and hire terrific faculty, but I am also responsible for a number of…

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