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Jun 03 2011

Making It Real

I have planned for awhile now to start this blog. Teaching will be an adventure, and I want to document it. I want the folks back home to know what I’m up to on the other side of the continent without constant emails. Blogging is a good intellectual practice– and after all, what is my…

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May 30 2011

patiently anxious

One week from today I’ll be in Charlotte. There are a number of emotions going through me right now. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m overwhelmed. I’m just..everywhere. I am preparing myself for a very challenging summer. I know Induction and Institute will have a very heavy schedule, but I’m ready for it…or at least that’s…

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May 24 2011

22 year old in a catch 22

So, today starts my last official week as a resident of PA.  This is very surreal to someone who has lived in the same house in the same town for her entire life.  Twenty two years is a long time to live anywhere and in a mere week, I am supposed to pick up and…

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May 23 2011

14 Days

Well, here is my first post. 14 days until I start this adventure as a 2011 corps member in Charlotte. 14 days until I begin learning how to be a teacher, an ESL teacher specifically, which I know will be one of the most difficult experiences of my life. Am I ready? Probably not. Am…

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Apr 14 2011


I realize I have not written a blog in about 6 months and that’s because I didn’t really know what to say. I have had a tumultuous year with highs and lows even the rocky mountains can’t compare to. At my lowest lows I didn’t really want to blog because I was afraid of being…

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Feb 16 2011

The Excitement Dwindles

After nearly 4 weeks since I got the exciting news, that I was accepted to the 2011 corps, the excitement is beginning to wear off. Although I am still enthused about the upcoming opportunity, my main emotion is now to be simply overwhelmed. There are a million things to worry about. First, the PRAXIS tests.…

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Oct 15 2010

topic: make my life and grade change

This is my first blog. As I started typing, I realized I spelled “first,” “frist.” Maybe I’m spending too much time in that E.S.L. mindset… I always reflect on why I am here. Here I am, with a brand new B.A. in Political Science, teaching E.S.L. to ninth graders in Charlotte. While other 22 year…

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Oct 13 2010

well hello, world!

my blog originally began more than 3 years ago on another site…. but it was mostly just an outlet for me to express my innermost thoughts in regard to education in general and more specifically, the students in my classroom. i think that experiences i have had over time could be beneficial to other teachers,…

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Oct 02 2010

Teaching is…hard.

I actually have wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a little girl. I’ve also thought I had a natural talent with kids and I would make an great teacher. Many people have reaffirmed my beliefs throughout the years; some were my family members but also my peers.  Even in college I spent…

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Sep 06 2010

My first day as a first year teacher…

You’ve probably guessed that since it has been almost 2 weeks since I have blogged that I probably have been pretty busy. Busy doesn’t even begin to describe it. Here is a typically day in my life now: wake up at 4:45am to shower and get ready, head out the door around 6am with a…

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