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Sep 08 2012

First, second day

So I got a job, finally. And it’s a job that isn’t affected by the teacher’s strike which will start on Monday. I’m teaching 10 (though I have yet to have all 10 show up for school) 3-5 year olds in a community based organization (CBO) for half day pre-k. They’re pretty adorable kids and…

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Aug 28 2012

How I started to drink the Kool-Aid

When Teach for America speakers came up during our professional development days meant to inspire us with their uplifting stories, I would denounce what they said. I rejected the Teach for America jargon and ignored the success stories. We used to call it “drinking the kool-aid” (or still do) when someone had fallen under the…

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Aug 16 2012

Snuggled in bed

I’m snuggled in bed in Humboldt Park on  a Thursday at 3 which can only mean one thing. That’s right, I haven’t been hired yet. I’m not very concerned, and my self-esteem has yet to take a huge hit despite the fact I am now in the last 10 corps members from ECE to still…

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Aug 02 2012

And so, it’s August 1st again.

It’s 10:17 p.m. CST on August 1st, and I sit here on my couch, watching the Olympics and looking at my Twitter feed aflutter with tweets about Michael Phelps, gymnastics, and … the TFA 2013 application going live. ( Oh, Twitter, that’s why I love thee. You’re always there to remind me of those special…

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Jul 14 2012

DCA, DCgay.

We do these diversity dialogue sessions periodically during institute to help us reflect on our identities. They are technically known as “DCA: Diversity, Community, Action” (I think…?) and we usually split into groups based on what topics we’d like to discuss. Sometimes a Corps Member Advisor (CMA) leads a discussion, and sometimes it’s just another…

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Jul 13 2012


Hey all! just interviewed me and a member of my collab for their “Burning Questions” section on the site. It should go up tomorrow at sometime. TeacherPop is really great and it’s also helping promote the idea (as I like to put it) that teachers are people too. I think people sometimes think we’re…

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Jul 12 2012

More feedback

I talked to some TFA people from the nationals office today. They came in at 8:15 am when we had one student and we were just setting up. So they sat and asked me questions about my institute experience while I sorted blocks for my math lesson. It just furthered my belief that they really…

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Jul 11 2012


Today was rough.

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Jul 08 2012


I’ve noticed TFA does a lot of surveys. I must get a survey in my email about once a week, asking me what I think about my CMA, my region, my TS, my ECE cohort, my placement school, etc. I think it is great to request feedback and even better if you act on the…

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Ha, and here I was thinking it was a holiday celebrating America. Nope, just sitting here working on Lesson Plans, Management  Plans, OSAT data and whatever else my WIDWATW commands of me.  Happy 4th to every one!

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