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May 18 2011


I’m approaching the end of my 6th year in the classroom. When I started this foray into k-12 education, I was 25-years-old, and I looked 18. I’m now 31, and by most indicators – car insurance premiums, rental agreements, loans – I’m really an adult. (Although M. Taylor swears I only look 26.) Now it…

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Apr 28 2011

Between a rock and a … well, you know…

One interesting aspect of my job is that I serve kids with special needs at a college prep school. That doesn’t sound interesting, right? Consider for a moment that some of my kids have IQs below 70 or developmental delays that mean they might not ever read at grade level. Then consider that the mission…

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Apr 13 2011

Things I have/don’t have in common with my students

Things I Have in Common With (the Likely Majority) of my Students Knowing how it feels to struggle academically Having had teachers who have low expectations of you Seeing a parent struggle with money Feeling powerless/frustrated/furious about the injustices in your community Things I Don’t Have in Common With (the Likely Majority) of my Students Being…

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Apr 05 2011

Hello world!

Here it is: my first blog post! It’s been a long time coming and I am happy to finally begin sharing my Teach for America journey. I decided to title my blog as “Where the Sidewalk Ends”, in honor of my favorite childhood poem by Shel Silverstein. Although I racked my brain with countless titles…

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Mar 18 2011

Days that Make You Cry

Crying - as we all know from weddings (and funerals for some of us) – isn’t reserved for sad moments. In fact, some moments are really too sad to cry. I had one of each this week. First the sad: out of all the kids in my caseload, I really only have one with significant mental impairment. Everyone…

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Feb 25 2011

For Gretchen Wherever She May Be: Reflections Pre-Institute

[Caveat emptor: I am personally passionate about corps member development. In no way do I intend the post below to mean that CMs aren't a priority at institute. I'm simply encouraging a little kindness.] Probably the most uncommon knowledge about institute staff is that the operations coordinators are college students. During the agonizing summer of…

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Feb 18 2011

Summit on the Summit (Sorry, Lupe…)

Clearly I love a good oblique, incomprehensible reference. This post is about TFA 20th Anniversary Summit. Be patient; you have to get through the framing that occurs first. I’m not a teacher by trade. I wasn’t even an unemployed (-able) English major. My major is journalism. To me journalism is so much more than a…

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Feb 08 2011

Sans Bathroom Breaks

As a new teacher, I looked forward to test days. I remember being in dive bar in Philly during institute with a veteran teacher whose sole piece of advice was “give a test when you have a hang-over.” Test days have a reputation for being a bit of a break for the teacher. Instead of…

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Feb 03 2011

And so it begins

As an incoming corps member, I wanted to create a blog from the beginning that chronicles my time teaching in Connecticut.  Admittedly, I have never blogged or recorded anything in my life to such an extent, but I hope to continue consistently adding posts even when I begin teaching (…when I have a feeling time…

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Feb 03 2011

Always Be My Baby

I’ve always found Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” a little stalker-ish. (There are definitely other candidates but that’s a discussion for another day. Pop music continually walks the line before devotion and felony.) One of the lines states “Boy, don’t you know you can’t escape me?”  Put in prose, that line is more than…

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