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Jul 10 2013

My Institute Experience, Thus Far

So, between my PhD program, teaching, session, lesson planning, and well…sleeping, I’ve been quite busy and I have no had the chance to blog.  So here’s my quick and dirty.   Week 1: This week was basically us getting acclimated to being at Rice University and for some of us being back in a dorm…

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May 28 2013

So…like…I passed!

I know that I haven’t posted in awhile but it was because I had my nose deep in someone’s science book.  For the past 3 weeks, I have been buried in all things Science.  Science occupied every waking moment of my existence and to a degree, my sleeping existence.  Honestly, if it wasn’t science related,…

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May 01 2013

Allow me to (re)introduce myself

Hello All, This is my first blog…like ever and as you can tell, I’m super excited about it.  I plan to use this to laud, vent, and well utterly ramble as the page title states. Sadly, as training has not started yet, I have no real insight to share with you about TFA just yet…

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Apr 10 2013

Teach For America: Pluses and Deltas

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged on here. It’s been a busy, crazy year, but I’ve finally managed to pull something coherent. In the past couple of months, I’ve had quite a lot of experiences that have shaped my opinions on not only my experience as a corps member, but on Teach For America…

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Mar 19 2013

Beauty in the struggle.

To be honest, I’ve been struggling.   This struggle is constant. i was reminded of this struggle as I tried to sleep last night. You see, today was the first day back from a holiday. Did I sleep?   Hell, no! I maybe slept 2 hours. I was anxious. I would sleep for 10 minutes…

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Feb 26 2013

Thomas Merton’s Letter to a Young Activist

I discovered this tonight and it shattered me into a million pieces: ” Do not depend on the hope of results. When you are doing the sort of work you have taken on, essentially an apostolic work, you may have to face the fact that your work will be apparently worthless and achieve no result…

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Feb 19 2013

Blogging, at last

I’ve sat down probrably a dozen times since institute to blog on this site. Before joining this movement, I loved and lived social media. Life as a first year intervened, and I couldn’t quite put into words what this experience has meant to me. I’ve learned so much. I’ve had a ton of lows, and…

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As some of you might know, I’ve been without a car for a while now, and last week I started taking public transportation to work. Having lived in Chicago for four years,completely acclimated to public transportation there, I was very excited to try out this city’s DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) system, and so far…

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Sep 27 2012

1 Month

As of today, I’ve been teaching at Blanton for one month. One month? That’s it? It feels like I’ve been there for several. It feels like each week feels like a month. In this past month, I have: Gotten to know the names of the majority of my 60+ students. A few names still trip…

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Aug 29 2012

First Day of School Reflections

The night before the first day of the school year reminded me of the night before my first soccer game when I was in 2nd grade. I was really excited and got no sleep, and planned a lot. I drove to school exhausted, but meeting my kids gave me the energy I needed to make…

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