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Apr 29 2011

An Irrelevant Function

My students took their final district benchmark test today.  I graded the constructed responses as they worked. I had two favorite two responses to “What type of function is this?”, to which the answer should have been quadratic.  The first was “expanction” and the second was “irrelevant” (backed up by “because there is no pattern”).…

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Apr 26 2011

Military meets TFA

So, I am a day late posting this week! The last week of college class is turning out to be crazy! I had this idea that when I turned in my thesis everything was going to be great and easy afterwards. I was so prepared to move forward into TFA land, but alas life got in the…

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Apr 17 2011


In an attempt to acuretly blog my journey toward becoming a TFA teacher I want to make sure every Sunday I take the time to reflect and write about my experience. The first word that comes to mind today is unprepared. As soon as my thesis was turned in, and I had time to think,…

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Apr 14 2011

All I have in 24 days…

I am sitting here reading the aspirations of my 8th grade students in preparation for conversations tomorrow about where they should be going to high school and what they should be doing there. For some reason, am having trouble holding back tears. I have been their Economics teacher for two years and in that time,…

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Apr 12 2011

I’m a teacher?!?!

It took me until a couple months into my second year of teaching to call myself a teacher.  For some reason, it was really hard for me to admit, as though it was something to be embarrassed and conscious of.  Leave it to a Jon Stewart episode to help me to become defensive of the…

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Apr 12 2011

April 11…just another day

I can’t believe that my two years are almost over and I just now am doing this. Not writing down my thoughts, emotions, and events over time will be my number one regret as a first and second year teacher. Today was the epitome of what it means to be a teacher.  I spent the…

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Apr 11 2011

Looking back

The first year of teaching is truly a roller coaster. Each teacher’s first year experience is so unique, yet I feel a strong bond to all those other first years out there who have persevered through April. Here is a glimpse into some of my peaks and valleys. April 3rd (pre-institute) …sure, I am nervous…

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Apr 10 2011

My Goals

After being accepted to Teach for America last November, teaching has constantly been in my thoughts. When I read a National Geographic article I think about how I can incorporate the information into a lesson plan for next year. When I’m in class I’m thinking about what I like about the teacher and what I…

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Mar 20 2011

March Madness

It’s that time of year.. Students take the CSAP (state standardized test) Students are antsy for Spring Break Teachers are ready (and sometimes even show!) they’re also ready for Spring Break Possibly my favorite college sports season rolls around I’m sitting in the airport on my first day of Spring Break.. and absolutely struggling to…

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Mar 10 2011

Dance Class > Math Class

I think my lack of updates over these past few months (read: entire school year) shows you how crazy my life is.  However, I don’t want to start with the craziness.  I want to start with what I love: my dance class. In October, I started teaching an after-school dance class twice a week open…

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