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Sep 22 2012

Paul Tough and the Poverty v Destiny False Dichotomy

I cannot recommend Paul Tough’s book How Children Succeed highly enough. It contains fascinating literature reviews on cognitive psychology and the impact of early childhood adversity on adolescents and adults, incredible stories to illustrate these points, and a lot of useful tips for teachers who are skeptical of whether or not mastery of a set…

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Sep 18 2012

On politics…

Today my 9th grade boys asked me who I would vote for, and we proceeded to have a brief conversation about politics, race (“Mama, I hear Republicans hate black people.” They were interested to hear that there are several African-American leaders in the Republican party), and the importance of doing research on the policies to…

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Sep 15 2012


How do you let them go when you have only just met them and they write this on their do now: “Probably in five years I see myself playing college football. I don’t know what college I’m going to play for. But I see myself doing positive things for my life. But in back in…

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Sep 11 2012


Grading diagnostics can be really overwhelming. It really helps put the amount of work I have to do into perspective. Yes, I am speaking of the general science skills variety of test, not the do this complicated chemistry problem you have never seen before type of test. In other news… I have planning periods!!!! 5…

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Sep 08 2012

Into the Belly of the Beast

In my very short life as an educational thinker and teacher, I have had just about every view on education reform. As a freshman in college, I immersed myself in Marxist critiques in our public school system, believing that NCLB was the culmination of a capitalist takeover of our schools to proletarianize students, prepping them…

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Sep 07 2012

Looking up

So I have made it through the first 3 days of school. The feeling is much different returning than starting a new career in a new school as I did last year. At the same time it is still stressful… especially without any planning periods. (This will hopefully change by Monday…)  Today definitely had stressful…

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Sep 05 2012

First Day! Hooray!

So today was my first day of teaching. I can honestly say that it went well. I have 4 students thus far. I am sure the number will increase. The students have different interests and career goals that should make the journey and interesting one. When I first arrived at the school, I can’t say…

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Sep 03 2012

The Hidden Chronicles

I think today I was officially convinced to keep an offline blog (diary of sorts?) and then post it at the end of of my TFA/ teaching term. I will call it The Hidden Chronicles. And maybe charge because it will have some amazing stuff in it.

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Sep 03 2012

More Unsolicited Advice for 2012ers: Don’t Let Gary Rubinstein Bully You!

Hey 2012 CMs! I’m a 2011 corps member. I’m not a particularly good teacher; maybe not even a good teacher at all, though I try really hard to get better.  But nevertheless, I think I have some important advice that you can benefit from. If someone uses your experience, which you so honestly and bravely share with…

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Aug 30 2012

Remind Me

Please remind me, in the middle of the year when they drive me crazy, that I am really excited to have the boys advisory group that I was assigned and that I think they are some awesome young scholars. Even though I didn’t have an advisory for most of last year due to my busy…

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