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Aug 17 2013

“We did NOT give you all the money we had.”

The very real statement from Angela Bryant, North Carolina State Senator, speaking to us at our district’s convocation today. To backtrack – I teach in a very rural county in North Carolina. Today was our first teacher workday and it ended with a big Convocation for all of the schools in the county. Somehow, we…

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Aug 01 2013

Summer musings…

I’ve been spending the last few days pouring over online resources for my classroom. Basically everything and anything that could help me at all this year. I happened upon an article about parental involvement, and one of the ideas listed was how a Principal from a school in Philly used Edmodo to set up a…

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Jul 29 2013

Am I a Scab?

Well, there’s a question I never in a million years thought I would have to ask myself. Yet, it’s the question that has been keeping me up at night and made me come back to blogging about my TFA experiences after over a year away. So, am I? Am I a scab? A union breaker?…

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Jul 13 2013

It’s All said and Done

Welp, I made it. Institute is officially over and at 4am I will be making the 16hr drive back to MD. Boy do I miss it, who would’ve thought. You know what I may miss more though? My kiddos… they really touched my life in ways I did not think was possible in the course…

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Jul 06 2013

1 week to go!

Wow, time sure has flown. I am wrapping up my institute experience which is so crazy. Since my last post I was able to celebrate the 4th of July with my lovely TFA comrades. TFA threw a big community pork BBQ shindig, complete with $1 beer and wine coolers, volleyball, cornhole, and a live band.…

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Jul 03 2013

I’m still alive :)

This institute thing isn’t as bad as its cracked out to be. I made the switch to reading this week. Yah I don’t like it as much but the kids are SOOOOOOO much better behaved in the mornings. Not only that but making a reading lesson plan is 5billion times easier for me (for some…

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Jun 29 2013

Another week down

Goodness, it’s been a week since I posted last!? Time sure does fly…. when youre having a GREAT TIME!!!! This week was awesome. I finally feel good about teaching and I can tell my quirky personality is starting to come out in my lessons. My students are really vibing off of it and I feel…

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Jun 22 2013

High and Mighty

On top of the world. It’s Friday and I just finished my first week of actual teaching. I have 8 brilliant students all with so much potential and the drive to succeed. On the first day I asked all of them if they wanted to go to college; every single one of them not only…

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Jun 21 2013

Being Uncomfortable.

I’ve never blogged before, but I really wanted to share my experiences here at TFA because the stories I’ve heard and the things I’ve experienced are amazing. Institute (AKA teacher training) is rough; I’m talking about 12 hours days on top of homework and lesson planning…I barely have time to sleep, but I’m hoping I’ll…

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Jun 18 2013


Mental overload. Crunch time has never been so…. crunchy? My brain is fried and I still have a lot of lesson plans/ worksheets/ grading/ intervention mini lessons/ EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD to do. Now I understand why people drop out of TFA during institute. But i will stick it out because i am passionate and…

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