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Jul 05 2013

The End, For Now

Day 180: I intentionally waited a while to write this post. This is because the last day of school felt so weird – so incomplete and unsatisfying – that I wanted to let it sit for a while. Most of the last day was great. We had kids write letters to their teachers, thanking them for…

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Jun 21 2013

Some Final Bonding Time

Day 179: Pretty much every day at my school that is not sitting and learning in regularly scheduled classes has a feeling of chaos to it. Like the time we got lost hiking. Or the time we got to the art museum an hour early. Or that time every Thursday last period when no one knew…

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Jun 20 2013

Moving Up

Day 178: Today was the 6th grade moving up ceremony – aka graduation. Well, that would come at 2 pm. Beforehand was four hours to fill with about 30 minutes of stuff. Students had to write index cards explaining what they would be bringing with them to the 7th grade – think, “Such-and-such is bringing her…

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Jun 19 2013

Breaking The News

Day 177: Today, I finally told my kids I was leaving. To prepare, I did two things. First, I made brownies. I figured if my kids were going to take it poorly, at least they’d have brownies. Second, I made a slide explaining the new city I would be teaching in – Lawrence, Massachusetts – and…

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Jun 18 2013

Meh, They’re Kids

Day 176: My last Monday at my school is over. It felt, unsurprisingly, like pretty much any other Monday. Kids riled up in the morning, having completely forgotten how to be focused during Morning Meeting. The joys of recess and lunch duty. The inability of my homeroom to get into class in an orderly fashion, followed…

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Jun 16 2013

One Last Shout-Fest

Day 175: As I’ve explained before, I have my students do a call and response chant before every quiz and test. I yell “work hard” and they respond “get smart.” I wonder if they actually remember this is supposed to remind them about the value of persistence and growth mindset, or if they just like yelling…

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Jun 15 2013

One Last Marathon Thursday

Day 174: When we last left our brave hero, he was up too late on Wednesday writing a Science final. We find him now, Thursday morning, desperately trying to finish said final, and then print it before first period. Never a dull moment. As usual, Thursday was a long day. Given the last-minute nature of the…

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Jun 15 2013

Limping, But Still Standing

Day 173: So, as it turns out, students near the end of the year struggle to handle Trashketball. I suppose I should’ve guessed that one. My homeroom got through a whopping six rounds; 10-12 is typical. Oops. I have a very bad TFA admission to make. Wednesday night, once I was finally done with grad school,…

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Jun 13 2013

Might Be Going Senile

Day 172: This is the first time I’m two days late to write about Tuesday. My brain is oatmeal. If I were a runner, this would be the point where you’re nearly at the end of a marathon, muscles desperately craving oxygen. I do remember one happy moment. NM was in my room for lunch, as…

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Jun 11 2013

In Which a Slip-Up is Forgiven

Day 171: Finals review packets aren’t thrilling, but they’re effective. Three classes walked in and, for the most part, efficiently made their way through nine months of science. Three days until the final, and we’ve got plenty of work to do. I told a student to shut up today. It was the end of fourth period…

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