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Dec 09 2011

The best of realizations.

Today, after yet another trying day at my school, I reached the (near) end and felt just as I usually feel at the end of a particularly long slog trying to get third graders to act like real, live, mini-people. My back hurt, my feet hurt, I was moving into unconsciously-rolling-my-eyes-at-everyone-for-everything territory rather swiftly, and…

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Nov 17 2011

Musings on an 80 degree November night in Chapel Hill…

Hello world. I have never been one for diaries, journals, or anything else of the sort. I tend to be really enthusiastic about the idea to start with, but after a few days or weeks depending on my mood and the amount of free time I have (or typically don’t have), the journal gets relegated…

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Nov 13 2011


This weekend was a (much needed) three day weekend, although by the time Sunday rolls around, the feeling is still the same: Do I have to go back to work? Really? I can’t say if it’s getting harder or easier. Honestly, it feels stagnant in a part of life that’s just enough this side of…

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Nov 05 2011

Sometimes you have to see it to know it’s not for you

The last month, especially the last week and a half, has been especially difficult for me. It’s been hard to go to work every day, to stay at work for the whole day, and come home to continue working. I haven’t seen a lot of progress and it was shutting me down mentally and emotionally…

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Oct 22 2011


That’s what I’ve written on all my lesson plans for the past two weeks. It’s been an uphill climb in every way. It is a rough realization, recognizing that you’re not being the best that you can be. It feels like a slap in the face, a crippling disappointment, a brick wall too high. I…

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Sep 17 2011

Quick Update

It’s 9:45 on a Friday night.  I live in New Orleans.  So of course I’m going out tonight.  However, before that happens…quick update and I’ll give more details later. First and foremost…I am now one of the Special Ed teachers at my school, along with still being a math teacher.  Very crazy, and the details…

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This week my Proudest Mama moment came when I casually asked my students why I time absolutely everything we do in class, including our bathroom and water breaks and game times and how long it takes to turn things in. I didn’t have a plan to ask this, I just wanted to make sure they…

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Sep 07 2011

Project: Head Above Water.

I am trying my best. That’s what I keep telling myself, that I am trying my best, that I am surviving, that I am making gains, that things are never as bad as they seem, that it will get better and that eventually it’ll all be a collection of funny stories about my first semester…

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Sep 01 2011

I Totally Jinxed Myself

So I know I haven’t updated in almost 2 months, and not once since school has started, but like all the other first year teachers (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 20th, 30th year teachers) life got pretty hectic once the kids entered the building.  Today my students finally made me cry.  I just told my best…

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Aug 29 2011

Watch the… whiteboard?

Disclaimer: some people who read this blog will probably not want to follow the links provided, just fyi. If you don’t like hip-hop, I’d leave it alone. Earlier today on facebook, I posted a status about listening to “Watch the Throne” while lesson planning… and how it makes me feel like a superhuman teacher who…

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