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Aug 26 2011

Still wouldn’t trade it…

…although you should ask me come October. I guess you know you’re in the right place when things go terribly but you still want to keep your job. Today my class was completely out of pocket and then my school had two (then four) simultaneous fights break out. My school is K-12, so even though…

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Aug 24 2011

On the sunny side…

I’ve yet to stop believing that it gets better.

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Aug 17 2011

Out the box

During the summer, when Institute was eating my life, I was worried about my ability to keep up with regular postings. I really want to regularly post here, not just to update my friends on how and what I am doing, but also because writing helps me to de-stress. Looks like I’ve got nothing to…

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Aug 16 2011

Many the miles…

I should be planning. Actually, I should be asleep. I’m beyond tired, and I’m not even close to finished for my plan for tomorrow, let alone the rest of the week. There is always going to be so much to do. I want so much for my students. Our first lesson was to be on…

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Aug 11 2011

The First Day… Come and Gone.

Today was the first day of school. It was definitely chaotic, as the last few weeks have been, but it was so good to have my students in front of me and finally be able to articulate to them what we are going to do as a class this year. It was by no means…

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Jul 29 2011

Long overdue

I am happily back in NOLA! Institute ended, and I survived. (Not with a bang, but a whimper, admittedly.) In the interim, I returned back to the city, lived in Tulane’s illustrious dorms for a little over a week and then found a house with my two lovely roommates. It’s a beautiful house and we…

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Jul 09 2011

Big Goal: Survive Institute…Officially completed

Institute is officially over.  I currently am sitting at a terminal in the Atlanta airport waiting to board my flight for Chicago.  The past five weeks have flown by.  I went from unbelievably stressed and worried to calm, confident, and excited.  Teaching is by far the hardest thing I have ever done.  It’s amazing how…

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Jul 06 2011

Teaching towards Redemption

*Take me to that old familiar place Take me to memories we won’t erase Take me to all that we had Good and the bad I’ll never forget you I’ll never let you go I’ll never forget you I’ll always remember, I hope you know Dear Winners, You were the students I was lucky enough…

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Jul 04 2011

3 day Weekends Are Great

I didn’t think three-day weekends could get much better than they were during high school and college.  Turns out I was wrong.  I’ve never valued the 72 hours off as much as I have this weekend.  It’s not about the three nights of relaxation and drinking although I definitely didn’t miss out on that.  It’s…

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I have thought about updating this blog every few days but I literally have had no time.  Institute has officially kicked my butt.  Week 4 starts tomorrow and it is crazy to think that three weeks have already gone by yet it also feels like I’ve been living in my Georgia Tech bubble for 3…

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