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Mar 12 2013

Sound Bites from First Grade

I have two students with the same name, so usually I call them by their last names. But today one came up with an interesting solution. “Ms., how about you call me Lightning McQueen instead?” While making paper plate clocks: “Hey Ms., these things really work! I control the time.” Overheard at dismissal in the…

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Feb 10 2013

99 Problems

On the 100th Day of School, we did some writing to make two class books. The first book was about how you would spend $100. That one was cute to read, as I have a few students who are generously planning to buy both me and their parents a new car with their imaginary money.…

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Feb 05 2013

A Tale of Two Days

There is the day that takes place from 8:20am until 3:00pm. That day brings me a lot of joy. Today it looked like this: It was our 100th Day of School, so we began the morning by making a huge deal out of Calendar Math, presenting our 100th Day of School projects, and making crowns…

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Jan 28 2013

What Will Be Your Space Jam?

Sometimes on a Sunday evening, you need some motivation… A Pep Talk from Kid President And if that doesn’t work, a funny story from last week: My school is, among many other things, a STEM magnet school. So once every four weeks or so, we go to Engineering Lab for a half hour a day…

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Jan 26 2013

Marvelous Things Will Happen

It was the summer of the read aloud. I can’t remember exactly how old I was, somewhere between first and third grade. And I have no idea how it started, or why he chose this book. But my family has a boat, and when I was a kid we’d go out on the boat nearly…

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Jan 25 2013

Hugging the Principal

So I’m scared of my principal. Ok, maybe scared isn’t the right word. But I am intimidated by her. She has a presence– standing ¬†with perfect posture much taller than myself, with coordinating jewelry, nails and heels, make-up applied, every hair in place. I have never heard her yell, but she could do more with…

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Oct 27 2012

Scary October?

I kept hearing how horrible October is (No 2 day weekends) (honeymoon period is over) (kids are tired of routines), but in reality- it’s no harder than any other day. I finally feel like my tolerance level is through the sky. The kids don’t bother me as much as they used to- not because their…

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Oct 07 2012


I guess since we are in the 2nd week of school, I should give you some updates on what is going on in Jax. I thought I would be able to keep this up- but hey- I have no life, so in what part should I have time to blog. My husband is out of…

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Jul 16 2012

These are my Reflections, part1

During the last week of the Chicago Institute they has structured time to reflect on everything that happened this summer. I am currently in the first part of the first session- and am being told to reflect and have personal quiet time to do so, not just ignoring the speaker!- and reading some of the…

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Jul 04 2012

Hard Feelings

EDIT: The purpose of this post was not to bash TFA or teachers who aren’t from TFA. The purpose was to express my frustration at the message they are sending to us this institute. The comments have been side tracked by union debates, if TFA is worthwhile, and bad mouthing TFA. The vision that TFA…

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