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May 26 2011

The First Endeavor– Packing.

It is Thursday night, and my Teach for America journey starts in only 5 short days. Getting through the pre-institute work has been pretty painless, mostly because it was useful and I felt like it was all for good reason. The thing that is most daunting for me is the packing process. How exactly do…

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May 18 2011


Well gang, I have been granted a Fulbright and a TFA one-year deferral! I will be going to Macedonia for a year to study gender and politics! I am the first person from my school to receive this honor. The way the one-year deferrals work at TFA is that I will be put back in…

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May 01 2011


Ok- so I just started with pre-institute work. I know it is supposed to helpful and inspiring, but I’m terrified now! lol, haven’t even finished with teh first exercise and I have no clue how I will be able to Teach as Leadership and set big goals. But I have no clue how to teach,…

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Apr 04 2011

Job Offer!!!!!!

I just got off the phone with IDEA Donna and they are offering me a 9th grade world geography position!!! I still have to talk with the Human Resources people for actual final information and stuff. But I can start looking for apparments (or houses) and roommates! So excited!

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Apr 02 2011

Interview: IDEA Donna X2

I had my second interview with IDEA Donna, where I did the 5 minute teaching lesson with a evaluation on the end. I taught the beginings of the EU then quizzed them over the lesson. However, unlike TFA they were “bad” students- they were not paying attention to be able to answer my questions. It…

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Mar 30 2011

Survey About Your Teacher

I decided to give my students a survey about my class and me about mid-way through the year. The majority of the survey was basic questions with check boxes for “yes, kind of, not really, and no.” At the end there were a couple of questions that the students actually had to fill in the…

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Mar 22 2011

Interview: IDEA Donna

So I had an interview with IDEA Donna, from IDEA Public Charter Schools in Donna, TX. They are the number 1 high school in the RGV, and #13 in the US according to US News & World reports.  It was nerve wracking! It was my first (second if you count the TFA interview) real interview…

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Mar 02 2011

An Unexpected Smile

Now here’s a cheesy one. One that I hear people talk about and I gag a little because I think: 1. I will never have sweet cheesy stories 2. They are making it up to sound like good teachers So now, needless to say, my 2 thoughts have been altered. I am trying to go…

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Feb 27 2011


2/26/11 I could go back and pretend that I’m writing about the Summit weekend and how I felt and all that jazz that usually comes with blogging- but frankly my dear, I just don’t have time. It was awesome and exciting and almost totally pointless for a new CM. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t…

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Feb 16 2011


2/10/2011 DC is AWESOME!!! I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in DC. I came to DC for the Teach For America 20th Anniversary Summit. I flew in on Thursday, and took a metro to the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown DC. It’s about 3 blocks from the White House. So, of course, I went…

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