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Apr 12 2013

Miles 10-13

I’ve had the opportunity to run two half-marathons in my life. The one thing I was always told by my more experienced runner friends is the pain undergone once you hit mile 10. There is something about miles 10-13  in a half-marathon that, for at least newbie runners like myself, is absolutely exhausting, painful, and…

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Feb 09 2013

Teaching Isn’t Fair

If you clicked on this blog because you were looking for another rant about how much teaching sucks, I’m sorry to disappoint. I think that teaching is the best job in the world. I think that anyone who thinks otherwise, should just not be a teacher. Seems like it should be that simple. I definitely…

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Jan 21 2013

1 for 1 and Repeated Affairs.

Around this exact time last year I wrote an entry on how I finally learned how to long term plan. Well. It seems to have happened again. Somehow in this season of my life something just clicked about planning during my Professional Development day after Winter Break. Last year, I finally learned how to plan…

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Jan 12 2013

Lying To Children

This past week was testing week for reading, which was really exciting for me. I already had a pretty good idea of how much each of my kids was growing and around what level they had moved to but this test makes it official and tells me exactly how much they have grown. I am…

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Jan 11 2013

Takis, Hot Cheetos, and Boogers

I had never even heard of takis until I started teaching here but now they seem to be a recurring theme in my everyday teaching experience/my nightmares. I despise takis. If you don’t know what takis are, you lucky dog you, they are just like hot cheetos. They are really red, really spicy hot, snack…

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Jan 05 2013

Here I Am

Well hello world! I feel like I need to start off this little blog by introducing myself to you. I am from Texas, went to school in Arkansas, majored in elementary education, got my Master of Arts in Teaching and then applied for Teach For America last spring. Now I am here in the wonderful…

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Dec 09 2012

75% – What’s next?

This season, 2nd quarter, has been an interesting time for me. I have realized that in 8 and 1/2 school days I will be 75% of the way through my Teach For America commitment. Most people in my life know already that I will not be returning after this year. As hard as this job…

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Nov 04 2012

Blink of an Eye.

There’s not too much to report on since I last updated. There’s needs to be a moment of celebration to take place because Black October is over. If that’s the worst 31 days of the year then let’s keep on truckin’. The people in my life made those 31 days go by about as quick…

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Oct 14 2012

Sunday Stomach Aches

If I could tell 1st year Corps Members anything, it’s that the 2nd year is so much easier. Even on my hardest days, I am 100 times more prepared and able than ANY day my first year. But the one thing that has never gone away are Sunday Stomach Aches. The nerves of getting ready…

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Sep 12 2012

Well Behaved vs. Self-Disciplined.

One day when my students thought it was time for me to be a preacher instead of a teacher, I went through a long spiel that centered around being well behaved vs. self-disciplined. The look in my students’ eyes when I explained it confirmed that they had no idea there was even a difference. Truthfully,…

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