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Aug 19 2012

“It takes 3 good teachers in a row to make a significant change”

If I actually said everything I wanted to in this post, you and I would be spending our day at the computer. So for the sake of all of our sanity I’m going to keep this short as possible. Bear with me… On a side note of the rest of this post, you need to…

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Aug 07 2012

Philosophy of Education

The very first thing our principal had us do in our school Professional Development was write out our vision/mission a.k.a. “Philosophy of Education” as an urban educator.┬áSo here’s how I feel about that… I love writing. On some days, I’d maybe even go as far as saying I’m decent at it. But I reaaaally don’t…

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Jul 29 2012

A Glass Half….?

Tomorrow begins my second and final year of commitment for Teach For America. I remember hearing about how much more peaceful and prepared you feel going into your second year. I feel like I can respect that thought and there are for sure things I’m feeling confident about the fact that I’m familiar with what…

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Jul 08 2012

oo3. It’s the final countdown…

Whoa! Hey, everyone. Sorry for not writing in nearly a month. This have been…well, things have been crazy. I know I must sound pretty sappy/crazy when I talk (er, write) about how I am nowhere near the same person I was when I left Scranton on June 2nd. Only a little over a month has…

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Jun 12 2012

oo2. Oklahoma…OK.

Hello, Everyone! Once again, I couldn’t wait to sit down and type out this post. Now I’ve totally forgotten everything that I wanted to say. Wah. I need to start taking better notes. Anyway, I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for Institute. It’s only been one full day of Institute, and I already understand what EVERYONE was…

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Jun 11 2012


TFA is strategic. They let you fall in love with a place and then send you to hotter than heck institute. (I exaggerate a bit, but I really do miss KC very much.)   Last week we had the opportunity to get to know Kansas City. And it was beautiful. The history of KC is…

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Jun 09 2012

oo1. A New Beginning…

I’ve felt this intense desire to start this blog ALLLLLLL week long. Now I’ve finally created it and I feel like I have nothing to say. No, scratch that. I have TONS to say. But I’m not sure I’m capable of putting all of my thoughts and feelings into words right now. So bare with…

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Jun 04 2012


And 8 hours later…I’m here in St. Louis. I’m probably still 4 hours away from KC (morning drive), but tomorrow I will have lunch with my fellow corps members, move into the Q Hotel in KC, and start this crazy journey.   In November, this day seemed unthinkable. It was so distant and I’m still…

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Jun 02 2012

Then It Was Over.

Surprise! I’m still alive. I was renewed at my school and with great debate I decided I will finish a second year in the inner city of Kansas City. Some of my friends did not fare so well, but that is for another discussion. The end of the year was crazy with testing and testing…

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May 26 2012

1 More Week

I always hate the first blog post: but there is always a beginning to all new chapters. I graduated with a BA in English from the University of Alabama in December and had no idea all this was waiting for me. I’m a lover of English, poetry, open sunroofs, football Saturdays in the south. I…

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