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May 24 2012

The Beauty of the End is that it is Not Over.

I have officially finished my first year of teaching in urban education. Am I tired? Absolutely. Am I glad that I am going to be getting a little bit of time to myself? Absolutely. But the absolute, most beautiful part of the year being over is watching how my relationship with my students HASN’T ended.…

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May 14 2012

It’s almost over.

I can’t believe in 6 and 1/2 days I will be done with my first year of teaching. I feel like I have wondered/longed/feared/doubted/anxiously awaited this day. Pretty much any adjective you can put in is how I feel. There is still a lot that has to be done. Involving and not involving my students.…

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Apr 22 2012

Ignorance and College

Funny because these two words seem to clash. State testing is over with as of last Thursday. As I walked around to monitor I felt both joy and disappointment. Not so much in my kids as myself. I was able to watch them work through and solve problems that we have spent countless hours on.…

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Apr 10 2012

Today was a wonderful day.

This is short and sweet. But I just felt like the world needed to know that if everyday was like today at school, I think I would seriously considering staying post-my commitment. My kids followed directions. Learned. Went TO multiple centers. Talked at a level that is appropriate. Took risks in class. Had barely ANY…

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Apr 07 2012

Abnormal Weeks and a Question for CM’s

Why this past week was abnormal… 1.) I only had 3 days of school this week. 1 day off for Good Friday, then I took an unexpected personal day on Tuesday. Note: my personal day was not at all because I felt like I needed  a break from my kids. And honestly, it was so…

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You’re right. It’s not fair.   It’s not fair that you’ve spent six years in a school system that is chronically broken. Where adult after adult says they care about you while in reality they would rather not fight and push and demand what they should to ensure that you are receiving an excellent education. It’s not…

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Apr 03 2012

How do people have time to blog?

I’ve been reading random posts on this site for months (usually during my most extreme procrastination moments) and each time I have only one thought – how do these people have time to blog and be in TFA? Today I was sitting across from a fellow corps member and I asked that outloud. She replied,…

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Mar 29 2012

Young Life Leader at Heart

This title describes exactly who I am. And it is also the main reason it makes teaching a hard job for me. My heart is meant to form relationships and love others. As a Young Life Leader, my main role was to hang out with kids and help them in whatever way they needed. As…

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Mar 28 2012

He Pooped on the Floor.

Yep. One of my students relieved himself on the bathroom floor last week. He was served with a six day suspension. Although my class has been way better behaved (knock on wood) these last two days without his presence and that of another student who was suspended for 10 days, I have mixed feelings about…

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Reasons why I hate my job: We are told in the morning we have a meeting after school. I only teach math, when I should be teaching all subjects. The school doesn’t want to turn on the a/c. I’m nine hours away from my fiance. Reasons why I REALLY hate my job: There is a…

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