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Nov 06 2013

Gratitude List

I am thankful for M who is blogging about first year teaching and has so much wisdom for me. I’m thankful for her text-messages that take me back to a different world. A world that seemed just as hard as the mom-dying world I’m currently in. But I see that the first year teacher world…

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Britt Nicole reminds me of me-her age, her dress, her fears, her life experiences. I love her song, The Lost get Found. She sings, “don’t let your fire burn out.” My mom and I were talking yesterday about a time in her life when she saw her fire burning out. She was sick of fighting…

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There are so many horrible, depressing experiences posted on Teach for Us that when I was accepted to the corps last November, I became terrified of October and the first semester of school a year before it had even began. I am here to share my experiences thus far in TFA and to show whoever…

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Oct 08 2013

I wish my kids were going to have a grandma.

It couldn’t be any prettier outside my mom’s house. The sun lights up the edges of the clouds. The peachy hues of sunset undulate with the tranquil blues of the sound. The Olympics have a dusting of snow and the flowers are still blooming on the porch. I’m a tearful mess. My logic part of…

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Oct 03 2013

Growing up pains

I got this in my inbox today: Would I want to give up some of the happiest days of my life so I wouldn’t have to experience the saddest? No, I don’t think so. I can take in all the emotion and expand who I am and who I touch and what types of human…

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Sep 23 2013

Cancer and New Teachers

I’m into the second month of knowing my mom has terminal cancer. While I’ve had time to ponder the idea, her pain is increasing, so I’m constantly coping with something new and it is not getting easier. I read that when one is truly sad, helping others is a good way to change that feeling.…

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Aug 31 2013

Facing Death and Keeping Life Going

The thing about facing death, is that we are always facing death, so life doesn’t seem so incredibly different now. My mom still has the same attitude of enjoying each day, being grateful, staying sober. My mom dying is one of the only things I said I was not ready to handle after Ioana died.…

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Each day I spend with my mother I learn something new. Tonight her adventure partner, Barb, is here and I see a whole new side of her. Barb and my mom were some of the first woman pilots at Flying Tigers and man they have some world-traveler stories. Being around Barb is warming my mom’s…

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Aug 16 2013

Late Nights as a Cancer Caregiver

Mom. What is this? What are you doing to me? Did you give me this book for perspective? Are you kidding. It’s late at night, without my boyfriend, and I’m up up up and miserable. I told you I didn’t want a book about death. I didn’t want something depressing. And you give me a…

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So it’s officially two weeks that I have taken part in Teach for America’s rigorous Institute and one week in which I have been a teacher and boy has it been a wild ride. I heard institute was intense and I heard that I’d learn a lot about myself while I was here. I believed…

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