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Nov 05 2012


I greatly dislike grades. While they are often a motivator for my students, I don’t think they are an accurate representation of what my kids know. Their grades more accurately show what they’ve turned in instead of what they’ve learned. I want students to be able to show off what they’ve learned, not just complete…

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Nov 04 2012

In between

Halloween. Sixth period. The two girls had been arguing for weeks now and were regularly distracting Ole Miss’ class with their hollers. On this day though, all it took was a flying piece of paper. One girl gets out of her seat and takes her jacket off. I know what is coming. So I stand…

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Nov 04 2012


I have been teaching in Southwest Memphis for 65 days. 65 days or 16 weeks or 2 grading periods or 3 TAL Saturdays. The UGA football season is almost over, October has come and gone, Thanksgiving is around the corner. Time has passed. This past week as I graded my Biology classes’ Unit Tests I…

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Sep 25 2012

by the numbers.

This year, I’m teaching 1st grade at a charter school that has taken over PreK – 3rd grade at the lowest performing elementary school in Tennessee.

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Aug 24 2012


1. The power went out right after breakfast, and naturally everyone had an “emergency”, so my co-teacher took students to the bathroom with a flashlight while I taught.

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Aug 23 2012

The Video Hunt…

This is a very long shot, but I’m looking for a spoken word video about teaching by a Delta corps member. I think he was an English teacher. I saw it on facebook and loved it, and I may have even linked to it or “liked” it, but I can’t find it anymore. I want…

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Aug 05 2012

Opening Night!

I’m a theater nerd–no shame here. I find comfort in creating analogies between theater things and other things. So, here goes. Tomorrow is just like opening night, really. Only, it’s opening night of a one-man improv show that’s 7 hours in length (with one 25 minute intermission), that will run for 180 performances before taking…

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Aug 03 2012

The Art of Teaching…

My brother’s been going to an art class for the past couple of days, and he came home today eager to quiz me on famous artists. It made me think back to the second-grade gifted teacher I had who first opened my eyes to the beauty of the art world. I am by no means…

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Jun 30 2012

Hills and Valleys

6/22 “No blame, no reasoning, no argument, just understanding.” -Thich Nhat Hanh Le sighhhhh.  So much easier said then done.  Institute is challenging in such different ways than what I expected.  I knew it would be tough, and I knew it would be overwhelming.  I expected long nights of no sleep and overcrowded, rowdy classes.…

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Jun 29 2012

“He come all the way from around the world…”

At last update, summer school hadn’t started yet. Today was day 9 of summer school. Let me tell you, a lot can happen in 9 days plus a weekend. How much, you ask? I am a math teacher, after all. I’d be remiss if I didn’t put it into numbers. 7 students in my Algebra I…

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