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After two and a half years teaching at Homestead Senior, I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life–to leave. Why I decided to leave? I still can’t logically explain it. Nothing was wrong. I had the best students, the best administration, I was doing so much, getting kids to learn, to invest…

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It is not surprising that questions of political economy often wriggle their way into casual conversations amongst my 20-something-year-old peers, given the all-too-familiar statistics surrounding our collective employment situation (or lack thereof).[1] I am somewhat surprised, however, when these conversations repeatedly reveal an unmitigated and almost fundamentalist faith in the divine power of the free…

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Sep 14 2013

Not far enough

For me, the hardest part of teaching is not the planning, the behavior management, the discipline, the administration or any of the typical teacher complaints.  The hardest part is getting to know my students, seeing how smart and how much potential they have, but then also how behind they are academically.  I teach 11th graders,…

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Aug 07 2013

Overcrowding: 300 Students

Today I was finally able to see my schedule for the upcoming year and I am teaching 12 classes worth of students.  I teach 7 out of the 8 periods and I have five periods where there are 2 classes worth of students (around 50) in the class.  When I saw this my first reaction…

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Jun 08 2013

Strength in Weakness

It’s the end of the year and I miss these crazy kids already! As I read the letters they have written to me, it hits me how much we have gone through together. Today, I got to call some of them about their End of Course Geometry scores. I wish I could see them in…

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May 18 2013

Teach For America Video Blog #2

Finally, my long overdue video blog! Here I talk about the poetry club I started at Homestead Senior High and how it has been such an amazing platform on which students can stand and be heard. Towards the end, there is a video link to watch the spoken word piece my students inspired me to…

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May 17 2013

Proud to be their teacher

As I returned to my classroom today, after a long day of testing, I noticed for the first time in a long time, “Our Big Goal” bulletin board that I put up on the very first day of school. It says “100% of students will pass the EOC exam”. I meant to add 2 more…

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May 02 2013

May May hurry up and go away

I’m sitting here in the Miami-Dade Campus Library maybe an hour away from Homestead. Why am I here? Well the past few days I’ve been driving up here to take one of my students to her Piano Slam rehearsal. Her poem was chosen out of 500 other poems all across Miami-Dade. She will be performing…

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Apr 28 2013

Free Hugs Movement

My poetry club students decided to do something special last week. After the incident where I started crying, they all pretty much got into their feelings. After our meeting, they went up to City Year (and anyone who crossed their path) and just gave them hugs. The next day, M, our club president came up…

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Apr 24 2013

Letting your kids see you cry

you know that feeling of being so tired that you just want to cry? and no matter how hard you try, you can’t pinpoint why? well, that happened today after school as my poetry club was walking into my classroom. They saw it coming, so they starting cleaning my classroom for me. Then it came. I…

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