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Aug 23 2011

“How do you spell education?”

My. First. Day. I guess I should start off with an e-apology for missing several weeks of posting! In my defense I just got my internet service up and running, and I moved, and started a new job, and have been getting lost in Miami, and planning for class, and decorating my room… But it’s…

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Jul 23 2011

Best Kept Secrets

Since my own public school education is not so far back in my memory, I can’t help but think, sometimes, of my old teachers in my current position. Of course, there is something unique about TFA Institute that can’t compare to a regular school year teacher’s life, but stil… I wonder what our kids think…

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Jul 07 2011

“Miss, can you help me?”

Institute, Week 2 This week we have KIDS! which is the best thing in the world. My students are 7th graders in summer school because they failed or performed poorly in math, reading or both. This week has been full of diagnostic assessments, and many – but not all – of the students are definitely…

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Jun 27 2011

Institute Begins!

Philadelphia is just how I remember it: beautiful historic buildings, wide city streets lined with theaters and shopping centers, run down neighborhoods facing the challenges of poverty and de facto segregation, amazing murals in unexpected places, hot summers. And that achievement gap. I flew in to the City of Brotherly Love for the first time…

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Jun 05 2011

Free speech!

Here’s an interesting NY Times article on outspoken teachers losing their jobs over Facebook posts, which has sparked a debate over professional responsibility vs. freedom of speech outside the classroom. I think we in the teaching profession hold the added responsibility of always being on the job.  We are not only teachers but role models,…

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Jun 04 2011


After a year abroad as a public school EFL teacher, the time has almost arrived for me to say “再見 Asia” and “Hola, Miami.” In preparation for the 2-year roller coaster ride that I’m about to embark upon, I saved up my vacation days for a 4-day weekend and am now enjoying the sweet, sweet fruits…

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May 21 2011

Much Better Than I Thought

I did it. I told the law firm where I work that I was leaving to teach elementary school in a low-income community. The response: “CONGRATULATIONS!” A few close friends on the job knew this day was coming, and they have been a great source of support. It’s scary to leave a solid position and…

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Jun 16 2010

To do work here

To do work in Homestead is to have my heart broken again and again, even when nothing sad happens. I picked up R- this morning to mow the lawn.  Nothing sad happened, besides the blade falling off the mower.  We laughed, we joked, we got breakfast.  It was a great time – hanging out with…

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May 25 2010

End of the Year

I figured this would happen but hoped it didn’t.  Once things got better I stopped writing.  I really wanted to continue to write because there are still teachers who are struggling, people who are interested in what is going on in our schools, and new CMs who are wondering what the world of teaching is…

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Dec 03 2009

Holy Cow!

It’s December! Time really flies by these days, so I thought I’d come here and update because it will be 2010 before we know it. I just started coaching softball on Monday and I’m having a blast.  I always played sports growing up and now it’s really cool to be on the coaching end.  It’s…

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