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Dec 05 2013

Before Break

In a whirlwind, the month of November was over.  With October ending on such a high note (We got ENGAGED on October 25!), November was jam-packed and gone as quickly as those 60% off big screen TVs on Black Friday. With back-to-back IEP meeting on several days, PDs that seemed to never end, Progress Monitoring,…

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Oct 24 2013

So Over October.

October is usually my favorite month of the year.  Think about it: Pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere, Octoberfests, College Football gets serious, Pink all around for breast cancer awareness, apples, pumpkins, crunchy colorful LEAVES, the weather… October is wonderful. Outside the walls of Room 306. This month at school was, let’s just say, one that…

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Sep 26 2013

“The Bar”

No, I am not referring to the excruciating exam law students have to pass upon graduation… Nor am I referring to a restaurant or location that holds a license to administer adult beverages to thirsty young professionals, though sometimes that is the type of place I would like to be after particularly challenging weeks in…

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Sep 05 2013

A War Worth Fighting?

I think it is safe to say that the 2013-2014 learning year is off to a successful start! We are adjusting to our new schedules (mine being a bit crazy, but really awesome at the same time), and getting back into the swing of school.  We have some exciting Community Based Learning Projects I have…

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Aug 18 2013

Year 2

  As we get ready to embark on our 190-some day journey, another round of Mastery Mann-tastic adventures, it’s time for me to reflect, set some goals, and pray. While I take some deep breaths and relax from a week of Proffessional Developments, school updates, schedule dilemmas, and brief moments of classroom set-up, I decided…

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Aug 09 2013

Payless Mom, Just Pause.

You know that Payless Shoes commercial? The one with the mom, house full of kids, summer fun going on all around her?  The one where at the end, empty house, she sits down on the couch, sighs, and says, “Hear that? …That’s the sound of September.” This commercial: I cannot stand this commercial.  For…

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Jul 02 2013

Donors Choice? Choose Us!

I’ll make this short and sweet: We need supplies! Donors… Choose us! I have taken time out of my “oh-so-busy” summer schedule to create our classroom’s Donors Choose site! If you are unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is “Donors Choose”, here is a quick synopsis: “ is an online charity that makes it easy…

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Jun 26 2013

We Did It! Time for Nothing.

One week ago, I dismissed my boys for the last time this school year. We did it!  The 2012-2013 year is done.  It’s in the books!  Desks and closets are filled and closed for the summer.  Hooray! I can only imagine what my boys are doing already.. “I’m bored.”  One week into summer and their…

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Jun 23 2013

Introduction to Induction

Induction was only four days but it simultaneously felt so long, and so short. Even though I missed most of one day to go see my little brother graduate high school, I still felt completely engulfed in this awesome experience. And yes (as you may have heard), it felt almost exactly like college orientation. I…

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Jun 14 2013

Teachers as Activists

Sometimes you come across a piece of writing (thanks Claire!) that perfectly encapsulates your feelings on something —  in a much better way than you ever, ever could. And when you come across something like that, you feel like you just have to share it. So here’s David Chura’s piece from Huffington Post that got me…

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