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Mar 18 2011

Feeling Defensive

Coming out of my teacher bubble to interact with adult people sometimes feels like yet another culture shock. Many want to hear the stories. Some, as I’ve documented here previously, as quite hilarious. However, a majority of them want to hear about the “bad” stuff and how difficult my school is. I always get conflicted…

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Mar 07 2011

Spring Break Fever

I had to double check the date when I saw I hadn’t posted in almost 6 weeks – has it really been that long? In some ways, this quarter has felt like it has dragged on forever. In many other ways, I feel like I’m still scrambling to get things in my life in order.…

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Jan 25 2011

How to Get Your Student’s Attention in Math Class

We’ve been covering data analysis in math class — an introduction for most of my students to mean, median and mode. We’ve been practicing with a good deal of word problems: test scores, pennies, stamps, and game scores. Math class is, unfortunately, in the afternoon. This means that my students often check out and the…

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Jan 09 2011

Whoever smelt it…

When I first learned I would be teaching elementary school, my favorite memories turned to 4th grade. I had an absolutely remarkable 4th grade teacher who would go on to be a semi-finalist for my state’s teacher of the year award. I remember reading Shadow of a Bull in literature circles, being told my new…

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Jan 02 2011

My Kids and the Jonas Brothers

My kids and the Jonas Brothers Question: What do the things in the title have in common? Answer: What was going through my head in LaGuardia as I made my way back home to Nashville after a well-enjoyed winter break. What happened: I arrived at my gate in LaGuardia exhausted and hungry. My connection was…

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Dec 13 2010

Santa Baby, a quiet cozy child-free day (or two)

Dear Santa, It’s been a long time since I’ve written you a letter, but I figured it was worth a shot. I’ve been a very good girl this year — I’ve made an average of 35% class reading growth, with some students making more than a half of years growth. I’ve had students make growth…

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Dec 04 2010

Back in the swing of things

Coming back from Thanksgiving was a like a big whirlwind (to use a recent class vocab word) of craziness. I didn’t have a chance to get copies made, I started a new scripted curriculum, I tried something new with my centers and went to a meeting about the results of the union survey of our…

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Nov 28 2010

Northerner in New England

For once, the name of this blog is not so accurate — home for the holidays! I’m packing up all the things I brought home: books to plan my next unit, tests to grade, homework to track, and clothes that needed to be fixed. I’m also packing up the Mommy care package of cough drops…

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Nov 14 2010

I Feel Like a Zombie Come Back to LIfe

I took a sick day on Friday. Initially, I had thought it would be a mental health day but as the week progressed, it turned into an actual health day. I know my principal assumed it was a mental health day, but I actually went to the MNPS clinic and had doctor’s orders to sleep,…

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Nov 07 2010

Step 1. Breathe in. Step 2. Breathe out.

I’ve always been one to talk much more than necessary and if I try to use figurative language to describe something in real life, it’s a fail. But I’ve got a really simple one, so here goes. On my way to work on Friday, my gas tank light went on saying that I was approaching…

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