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Mar 14 2012

On killing the boredom:

Well it’s been a month, and I am no closer to having a job than I was the day I was let off. I have however successfully created a situation in which I can observe, volunteer and substitute in an effort to maintain, improve and reflect on my practice. Fortunately my placement region is where…

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Mar 11 2012

Wendy Kopp Visits HGSE: Has TFA’s Philosophy Shifted?

Wendy Kopp was on campus Thursday as part of the Harvard Graduate School of Education\’s Askwith Forum series. She gave brief remarks about TFA before several via Wendy Kopp Visits HGSE: Has TFA’s Philosophy Shifted?.

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Feb 24 2012

Moving Forward

As of yesterday, TFA sent out my resume to three separate charter networks in the city that have open mid-term and long-term positions. I have heard from two of the three already, and have phone interviews set up for early next week. Although my ideal situation would have been to have found a student teaching…

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Feb 12 2012

Saying Goodbye

On Thursday afternoon, I went back to my classroom to get my stuff, and it was honestly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I knew it would be a bad idea to go in the morning, because I would either mess up the day (UPK time) for their new teacher, or I would create a…

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Feb 08 2012

Too Much Time

Not having a job has given me way too much time… Oh, did I not mention? As of this past Friday, I am no longer employed. It’s complicated and I’m still not clear on exactly why, but that’s that. I miss my kids so much already, although I’m not worried at all about their new…

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Jan 31 2012

This sinking feeling

It is difficult for me to write on a regular basis for any number of reasons. As a teacher at a year-round, extended day (6:30am-6:00pm) school, and a part-time Master’s student, I have very little time for the things I need to get done, let alone the things I want to get done. On top…

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Dec 21 2011

Time to Think

I’ve been super sick for the last few days, and my time languishing in bed has given me a lot of time to think. One of the first things that I thought of, and then worried about, was how I’m pretty sure that somewhere in my contract with my school it says that if I’m…

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Dec 04 2011

This Job is Killing Me

I haven’t written in forever, and that’s basically because I have no idea what time is… Between being constantly observed by one party or another, revamping my classroom so the DOE is happy(er), dealing with combining two very different curricula every week for my lesson plans, going to PD, and giving two separate assessments to…

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My co-principals are not the type to hold pop-up formal observations, but our school definitely has an open door policy. I can’t remember the last whole week when I didn’t have at least one non-faculty member drop by my classroom for anything from a five minute “pop in” to an hour long video taping. Guests…

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Nov 27 2011

I can read independently for 30+ minutes.

As a middle school teacher of reading, writing, speaking, and listening (a deliberate reference to the former NYC English Language Arts standards for those in the know, and don’t worry, I’m not defending them) I often find myself defending the practice of consistent, purposeful independent reading. A conversation typically goes like this: Other Educator: Well,…

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