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Nov 21 2011

Pondering the future

I should be writing my women’s studies senior thesis right now. Tomorrow at 10:45AM, my professor will probably expect me to have at least something written down other than my name and thesis topic (China’s one child policy and its consequences on the female population in today’s society). Rather than doing what is really important…

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Nov 14 2011

Here is where the journey begins

Today at approximately 11:55AM, I made a decision. This decision will help to shape the rest of my life. It will not only dramatically affect my life for the next two years, but also the lives of my family, friends, and future students (the “little kiddos” in my life). I know that this road will…

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Nov 05 2011

Professional Development

Yesterday, for maybe the first time since Institute ended, I feel like I learned something really valuable during a PD session. Honestly, it might be the first time since the middle of Institute. I have been frustrated by the way my PD has been going. Nothing during the TFA required week of PD after institute…

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Nov 02 2011

Go ahead, make my day.

Last year, while walking my students to music class, I overheard one of the most amazing teacher one liner. A fourth grade student had just cursed out four female teachers (four very strong and resilient Bronx women), and was now wandering the hall. Mr. R (the only male teacher in the whole school) stepped out…

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Oct 24 2011

Today was better…

EXCEPT FOR THE PART WHERE MY M,TLD TRIED TO SHOW UP UNANNOUNCED FOR AN OBSERVATION! Today was my 6th day in the classroom, and things are hardly where I might want them to be… My M,TLD told me last week that she was going to contact me this week about when a good time for…

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Oct 22 2011

I survived week one?

The question is because it’s something of a shock, really. While I’ve been “teaching” since late September, I only got my own classroom on Monday. I’m back at the second school I was placed at, since the third didn’t have a classroom for me and I was acting as a floater. In some ways, it’s…

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Oct 14 2011

New Day, New School

This week has been crazy. I’ve been in four different classes, I’ve been bitten, thrown up on, sent home early, made to stay late. I’ve had my commute take 10 times longer than it should. And yesterday, I was told that today I will be going to a different school to (hopefully) get my own…

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Oct 12 2011

Leadership and Teaching

So I’m teaching, in Houston. WOO! Things I’m learning and struggling with: There is leadership, and there is teaching. On a personal level, I think I make some successes in teaching, but I feel like I’m a bit too young to have this job. I think it’s completely different to be a leader among your…

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Oct 11 2011

I must have magical powers…

Khairi has been suspended 3 times. He is known to run out of our classroom, spend entire lessons crawling from underneath one table to the next poking the legs of other children as they are working, locking himself in the boys bathroom stall hysterically laughing and refusing to come out. And also, chair throwing…. I…

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Oct 07 2011

The Dust Collecters and Shoe Lace Eaters

I’ve been a Kindergarten teacher for 7 weeks. These 30 five year olds have pretty much taken over my life. Luckily, they are super adorable and when they are not trying to eat their shoelaces or throw a chair at me…they are very lovable. It’s amazing how insecure a 5 year old could make you…

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