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Jan 14 2012

It’s beeeeen One Week!

So I’ve decided to try and commit to a weekly reflection, posted here, about the week/my job in general/education in general/TFA haps in my region.  The wandering of a slightly crazed elementary school Spanish teacher This week was our first week back at the job (we had two weeks off instead of the usual one).…

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Jan 09 2012

Teaching in 2012: Lots of thoughts

I think my resolution this year is to live intentionally. I want to erase those moments of cool irony from my life–I think it takes a lot of courage to announce your passion for the world, to embrace it and its wonder. It is easier and safer to be cynical and jaded. But if more…

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Nov 23 2011

Like vs Respect…Mutually exclusive?

So my 9th period is one of my more challenging ones. It’s late in the afternoon, very overcrowded and full of…characters. I love them to pieces, but they’re always a handful. Yesterday, an unidentified student (or students) kept making this noise that sounded like a vibrating phone. I couldn’t tell for the life of me…

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Oct 02 2011

Red October

In NJ, “Red October” refers to an annual gang initiation season, when prospective Bloods kill to earn their gang stripes. It’s supposedly a hoax, but nevertheless I think the theme is relevant to the classroom as well.  October is supposed to be one of  the roughest months for teaching.  The honeymoon period is over, students…

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Sep 16 2011

Oh, hey, Teach For Us…

How’s it going?  Long time no talk.  Saying I have been busy is an understatement, but you know that’s the case for all the teachers on here and so I must admit that I don’t have any legitimate excuse. In the weeks since I have posted, I have gone through professional development and been at…

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Sep 10 2011

I’ve got a beautiful feeling….

…..Everything’s going my way. And “everything” obviously doesn’t include efficient class schedules/rosters, quality learning environments, or access to all the resources that I need.  But besides that, I had a pretty good first week of school.  Well, that could be a bit hyped up, but the good definitely outweighed the bad. “The 2nd year is…

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Aug 07 2011

I survived institute!

Well, the subject sums it up. I survived what I have been told is one of the harder experiences I will go through as part of TFA and what different people have labeled as “boot camp”, “hazing”, “prison”, and “not as bad as people make it seem.” My institute experience was a decent one. During…

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Jul 30 2011

After Institute

I’m sitting in Newark once again, an hour early for a brunch at what is touted to be an excellent Halal Soul Food place?  Looking forward to some real food.  I had a crazy and bizarre afternoon/night that (temporarily) wiped the memory of Institute from the surface of my brain, but it’s back.  I thought…

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Jul 15 2011

Oh hey, Friday of Institute Week 3

Oh hey, Teach For Us… Long time no see.  I’m not going to write about weeks 2, 3, and 4.  First thing I’m going to do is post a reflection I found on the computer from the first week of Institute.  This is dated as July 1, 2011: I am currently sitting in a session…

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Jun 24 2011

The second half of Induction and “reflection”

Well, it’s 6:30 on a Friday, and what else would I be doing but sitting in a Barnes and Noble and thinking about Teach For America? It has most assuredly been what I can only describe as a bizarre week.  While (after reading other blogs) I can say it was not the most negative 2011…

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