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Jun 22 2011

The first 2 days of Induction

Welcome back to my wonderful world of procrastination!  I’ll be your host this evening. Actually, while I am procrastinating, I really also want to legitimately write down some of what I’m feeling so that I remember in the months and the years to come.  Which is not to say that you should get your hopes…

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Jun 18 2011

Placement, Induction … Life

So, all y’all have really clever post titles, blog titles, blurbs, basically (it seems) lives in general and I’m feeling a little less than capable compared to all of the brilliant folks here.  So thanks for making me feel inadequate, beautiful TFU bloggers I figured I would update TFA hopefuls out there (and my family–…

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May 30 2011

Starting the Journey

It is crazy to thing that it hasn’t even been five months since I first found out that I got into Teach For America and that I would be teaching high school math in Newark. Since then, it has been a crazy whirlwind of emotions as well as a hectic time with lots to do…

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May 19 2011

Pre-Interview Fair Jitters

Step One of coping: procrastination.  Enter Teach For Us. Well, I figured that I haven’t been exactly flooding the interwebs with my talking and information-sharing, so it was only fair that I updated y’all on the situation. (Not The Situation–I’m in Jersey but I’m not that Jersey). Starting backward, tomorrow is the first big interview…

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Apr 28 2011

I just need to get to Sunday

and then I can breathe again. I have my interview with North Star on Friday. I am really, truly fighting to stay calm. I know this is a bad idea, but I am still tweaking my lesson plan and trying to make things clearer. I still have no idea whether it will be age-appropriate. I…

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Apr 25 2011

Voluntary Segregation?

I don’t know if you have heard about this, but I was wondering what you all thought about it.  To summarize, there’s a school in Pennsylvania that for a short period of time each day, offers what it calls “mentoring” that is separated by race, gender, and language.  It’s being termed by some “voluntary segregation.”…

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Apr 22 2011

The Job Search (Wait), Ethnic Studies, Death By Thesis

I decided to force myself to post here as a break from my thesis.  Right now, I have just woken up from a three hour nap that was the first time I slept in two days.  I have been horrifically sick, and so to take advantage of that I have only been eating these granola…

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Apr 14 2011

In hiding

Save for my boyfriend and my roommates, I have been ignoring everyone for the last few days. I have been in hiding. I have 6 voicemails and a million and a half missed calls. Have you ever been so unsure and confused about something that you just can’t even pick up the phone to talk…

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Apr 08 2011

Things just got real…

Yesterday evening I received the e-mail with more info on my Monday interview with North Star. I will be teaching thirty real-life 5th graders a 55 minute lesson on droughts and forest fires. There are, specifically 5 objectives within the lesson. I have to submit 5 copies of my lesson plan with the North Star…

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Apr 05 2011

Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (&c.)

Why don’t people write &c. instead of etc. anymore?  People should write &c. instead of etc.  I’ll be on the vanguard of that trend for sure. Anyway, HI EVERYBODY! I’ve been itching to post about a few things but the perennial worry of posting too much, especially on a site people go to to check…

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