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Nov 04 2017

Is this thing on?

It’s been too many years, but I’m back in the classroom and back to blogging! I loved and miss this Teach For Us community, but it looks like things have died out over here. If anyone is still reading, come on over and say hi:   Thanks for a great run, teachforus.  

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Oct 20 2013

Becoming a Bad Student

“Miss, can I go to the bathroom?” You’re bored. Damn it. “Ask me after 15 minutes.” “But I really gotta go!” “If you pee your pants, I’ll buy you new ones.” She always forgets to ask again. Some students ask to go to the bathroom when their bladder is full. Others ask when the class…

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Oct 07 2013

How I Became a Better Teacher in 8-12 Hours

I made a breakthrough this week. I became better at delivering lessons. A lot better. Any other week, the credit would have gone to my CMA, MTLD, or teachers-with-excellent-advice, but I have to admit that 95% of my professional development this week is because of him: This is The Germ. A rhinovirus, I think. It…

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Sep 29 2013

Boiling in the Desert. Eating Dessert.

“Math… High School… Phoenix! Phoen–” I muffled into Mr.’s shoulder, then rolled around on the floor, and then we went to get a celebratory box of bagels. This was in November, 2012. I spent the next seven months regularly emailing stories from TeachforUs (with subject lines like: “look at this schedule! LOOK AT IT!!” and…

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Sep 02 2013

A Wondrous Wedding Weekend

Here are some photos of my best friends wedding this weekend in Springfield, MO. It was my first weekend in Missouri since moving to Arizona! The look on her husbands face as she walked down the aisle is something I will never forget!   August 31, 2013 Alex and Matt’s Wedding at Stone Chapel.

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Sep 02 2013

Haters Gonna Hate

Buenas Dias, Happy Labor Day! I am FINALLY getting around to starting this stinking blog chronicling the insaneness that is being a Teach For America Corp member. It is, insane. The insanity began the moment I found out that my assignment for my two year contract would have me teaching 7th grade MATH. MATH?! I…

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May 25 2013

Damp Biceps

One of my office regulars got into a very big altercation with a teacher recently that landed him in some serious trouble. He got back from his suspension while I was out for a few days, and there was no one around to sit them down and have them talk it through. Unsurprisingly, he was…

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May 01 2013

Twinkle Twinkle

A student suspended in my office today was having a reeeeeaaallllly hard time sitting and completing his assignment. He was whining incessantly about the injustice of it all, tapping his pencil, asking a million questions, constantly having to go to the bathroom, and going through long stretches of refusing to work at all.   Finally,…

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Apr 30 2013

Armed and Not Dangerous

Once upon a time, we had a pretty serious incident at school involving a knife and some police officers (and me crying in my office as I realized one of my favorites had ruined his life and I couldn’t save him, but that’s for another story). Unfortunately, it also involved me being new to my…

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Apr 17 2013


I had a parent this evening screaming at me on the phone. This isn’t exactly uncommon in my job, and it’s definitely not uncommon with this parent. She was giving me a piece of her mind, and I was staring out the window with the phone about three inches from my ear, waiting for her…

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