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Oct 23 2012

The Realities of a Border Classroom

The sluggish sun struggles to ascend as I enter my school building each morning.  As I approach the padlocked doors on the south side of the school, I see students wondering around aimlessly, looking for someone to reach out to them, for someone to care why they are at school hours before required time.  I…

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Oct 11 2012

appreciate, excitement, sneaky, weirdos

10/10/12   Why I appreciate where I work: I came to work on Monday with a heaviness on my heart. It was one of those days where I couldn’t get thoughts out of my head. Unfortunately, I tend to stress and overthink things sometimes (don’t we all), and this was one of those days when…

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Oct 04 2012

Que Tal, Mundo

Three Thoughts Tuesday   Thanks for your prayers for my students with some personal issues…..thanks to some recent admissions on his part, he will now be getting the help he needs, and everyone is on the same page. Now let’s pray for the pregnant mom who yelled at me when I stopped her daughter from crossing our street…

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Oct 02 2012

What We’ve Learned

10/1/12 the achievement gap cannot be closed in a day. the achievement gap cannot be closed in a week. the achievement gap cannot be closed in a year.   Unit 1 test results are in. And while my students dress and speak like their more affluent peers, I am again slapped in the face by facts that show how…

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Sep 29 2012

Your cheatin’ heart

For me, cheating in the classroom is a very serious subject. At the high school that I attended, cheating was a punishable offense – usually by a suspension. It was clear to me from middle school forward that plagiarism in any shape or form was unacceptable, and that being well-intentioned in regard to avoiding plagiarism…

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Sep 26 2012


9/25/12 A friend imparted some accidental wisdom tonight. The things that are challenging to me right now, the things that frustrate me and make me question what I’m doing…..they’ve gotta be building some skills somewhere. If everything was happy do-diddle, then I wouldn’t be developing.   So here’s to hoping that I’m building skills that will…

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Sep 25 2012

Game Time!

9/24/12 I realized today that I forgot a huge element of my *singlegirlcliche* post… that an unidentified vine is growing from the top of my windowsill. Think Jumanji because I just know I’m going to wake up one morning being choked by this thing. I openeed my curtains this weekend to let in some light…..and…

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Sep 24 2012

a la cliche

9/23/12 Why I am a cliche   1) Cliche Single Girl: I bought wine, ice cream, and a redbox Friday night. The cashier made a comment, and I will never do anything that cliche again. But truly, I curled up on my couch and enjoyed every minute   On Saturday, I bought several dresses that I don’t…

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Sep 20 2012

Girl, you’ll be a woman soon

Last year, I was teaching the end marks of punctuation. Since I teach middle school, it is a rather sensitive age group. And made a rather serious error when checking for understanding… Are there any questions about periods? Thankfully, I didn’t get any questions I couldn’t answer. Tomorrow, it’s the return of the period lesson……

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Sep 20 2012

Detective Hat!

9/19/12 One time, when I was younger, like 3rd or 4th grade, I wrote a note to my sister telling her she looked like a boy.  I then proceeded to lie to my mother about it, and I was finally caught when my dad came home and took a “handwriting sample” of all of my…

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