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Jan 22 2013

People Like Me Exist

My initial reaction to everything TFA was “it’s too good to be true.” Throughout the application process, induction, and institute, I remember consciously keeping an eye out for weaknesses in this organization that seemed to be such a perfect example of how to do a nonprofit right. Part of my incredulity came from the fact…

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Jan 18 2013

#62: Ben

On Friday, January 11 at 12:59 PM, my life was irreversibly changed. My son Ben — all 10 pounds, 4 ounces, and 22 inches of him — joined our family. I cannot describe the feeling of seeing him for the first time. And I cannot express enough the gratitude for my wife who carried him…

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Jan 15 2013

A Thing That Happened

Part of my new job is subbing every once in a while for the teachers of our after-school program, and today for the first time I subbed at a K-8 school on the side of town where I taught. I felt a filling bit of belonging, interacting with kids who could have been my students’…

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Jan 12 2013

Not Dead Yet

Yup, still kicking.   What I’m up to and how it’s going: I’m working as a supervisor for an after-school program in my very same district. It’s an amazing job that I love. It’s SUPER easy, but I’m still learning things about how to motivate people and help them help kids. Plus, I’m working with…

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I’ve taken a decidedly more strident tone as of late, so I want to spend some time examining why this is so.  It’s not that TFA or education reform as a whole has changed much in the last couple of years, but my analysis of it certainly has.  The longer I spend in the classroom,…

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Jan 01 2013

#60: When business asks for “backsies”

The 2012-2013 is the second year of implementation for the STAAR end-of-course exams, previously complained-about on this site here. For those of you who are not teaching in the once proud nation of Texas(1), you may not know about our testapalooza for our high schoolers, but here was the original plan in its inception: All…

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Dec 29 2012

#59: A TFA Revision

In previous posts, I have danced around possibilities of what a service-oriented TFA might look like.  My complaints at this point are: TFA is no longer addressing teaching shortages as initially envisioned. Parachuting mostly white 22-year-olds into communities they don’t know working a job they are not adequately prepared for is not the best way…

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Dec 28 2012

#58: Season’s greetings

I’ve spent the better part of the last week stuffing myself with tamales(1) and teeth-ruining candies(2).  This is the proper time to reflect on the holiday season. I got to play with my school’s band during their holiday concert!  It was the first time in 10 years I had picked up a euphonium and boy…

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Dec 26 2012

#57: Castling

In my last post, I explained that I no longer believe TFA to be improving the educational landscape of my city for the better.  My chief complaint is the organization’s courtship of private philanthropists whose primary objective is to weaken public schools and strengthen charter schools. A huge part of what rankles me about TFA…

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Dec 24 2012

#56: Why I’m a part of TFA, pt. 3

I started this blog over a year ago with a couple of posts about why I joined.  The short versions of those two posts are: So, in short, the people working in this organization are super organized and professional and are tirelessly working to make my city’s educational landscape better.  I’m happy to be a…

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