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Jun 16 2010

The Summer Situation

After sticking around to teach summer school and work on pacing guides for the district, I’ll be traveling to Chicago for a Differentiated Instruction Conference, then on to Switzerland for a few weeks. When I return to the states, I’ll head to back to South Dakota for Also Like The Wind’s (our band) last show.…

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Jun 08 2010

Know Thyself or Thy Students Will Smell It

One of the best things I’ve heard said about teaching: There are two things that can smell B.S. – dogs and students. After reflecting on my first year of teaching, I realize that I might not be the teacher who perfectly scaffolds lessons or has an acute attention to minute student actions or creates games…

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Jun 04 2010

UPDATE – SoDak it Hurts – The Film

This morning the short film I discussed in my last post – SoDak it Hurts – A look inside Teach For America (created by Brittan Pittman) was featured on the TeachFor.Us homepage! if you haven’t watched it yet, go check it out!

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Jun 01 2010

SoDak it Hurts – The Film

My good buddy Brittan over at Bara Media paid us a visit back in December. He was my first friend from Texas to make the haul up north to see what my life is like in Mission. He is an extremely talented photographer and film maker and he has a desire to tell stories. So,…

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May 25 2010

Asking for Help – The Beauty of Community

One thing I constantly fail at: Asking for help. I don’t know if it’s my pride, lack of forethought or stupidity, but I always ask for help way too late in the game. My most recent reminder was during preparation for A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Which went swimmingly, by the way) – I attempted to…

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May 19 2010

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This evening we will open our Spring Play – Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. My students have done an incredible job familiarizing themselves with the language and have really taken ownership of the project. Thanks to four friends who were willing to fill vacant spots in the cast, we have some hilarious teachers gracing the…

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May 07 2010

What It Takes To Begin

I am a big fan of a tradition my friends over at Those Awake started: every Christmas for the past two years they host a gathering where attendees can reflect on relationships and the season through readings and song. This past December, there was a call for submissions for a ‘zine on the subject of…

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May 03 2010

Highly Combustible Classroom

I’m an English teacher,  not a science teacher. I wish I could create a really detailed and accurate metaphor to represent the relationship between unstable nuclear things and my classroom. But, I cannot. Please don’t judge my knowledge (or lack thereof) of nuclear physics – judge my expression of the idea. It’s like everyday I…

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Apr 26 2010


Often I’ll look at my reflection in the morning through my window and visualize how I’ll be presenting the information for the day. Before students ever file into my classroom I often choose to not try something new or not do an activity I assume they will not be interested in. Before my students even…

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Apr 19 2010

Reaching Them All

What kind teacher am I and who do I connect with? No matter the method of teaching or type of instruction or material covered, I won’t be the one to break through to every student. Presently, I am a student and I know if I am not invested into a classroom or professor, I am…

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