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Nov 14 2010

Science? Science!

So last week I received my new TFA assignment.  Last year it was elementary ed in South Louisiana, which I had to work pretty hard to convince myself was going to be okay.  This year (post-deferral), it’s (get ready for it)….middle school science. I’m actually really excited about this, although I have almost no science…

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Sep 14 2010


So, Last Friday was a whirlwind full of frustration. A neighborhood related fight broke out and involved some of my special education kids.Their behavior has alot to do with their disability. Some of my kids are ED (Emotionally Disturbed). Its sad how many of these students have a horrible home environment and a lack of…

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Aug 25 2010

3rd of the 1st Nine Weeks!

Okay, so. I have been teaching Middle School students for the past 3 weeks. I’ve had a majority good time doing it. #LoveMyJob. To give you all a quick update, I’d been hired to teach 6,7,and 8th grade ELA and Math Special Education as an Inclusion teacher. However, for the past 2 weeks, I have…

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Aug 11 2010

Passing the Starting Line

The past two months have been a blur.  Moving to Louisiana from New York to become a teacher was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, but as I’ve discovered one of the best.  My five weeks this summer teaching summer school in the Mississippi Delta taught me about a way of…

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Jul 18 2010

An Institute Deferred

My apologies for the long absence here –though in my heart of hearts I knew it would probably happen. I ended up deferring my acceptance to the 2010 corps, so–much like last summer–I’m living Institute vicariously through all the TeachForUs blogs.  They make me excited for my own Institute experience, which is good because… …right…

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Jun 25 2010

I cried last night, FTK

I experienced one of the requisite TFA rites of passage last night: the INSTITUTE MELTDOWN. I cried last night. Yup, it was a lesson planning night. Lesson plans are due twice a week here, on Tuesday & Thursday mornings, so Monday & Wednesday nights are just all sorts of stress. Annnnd Tues/Thurs are just all…

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Jun 21 2010

Sweating and Swatting in the ?

The Delta is a different kind of place and I really agree that it is the most Southern place on earth. At least, it’s the most Southern place I’ve ever been. It’s a surprising place too, full of history and idiosyncrasy. While I don’t think I could serve here for two years, I’m very happy…

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Jun 20 2010


For the kids. Over the next 5 weeks, I’m gonna learn a lot, For the kids. Over the next five weeks, I’m going to stay up late: creating lessons, management plans and assessments, For the kids. Over the next five weeks, I’m going to set my alarm at 4:45am and walk through pre-dawn light so…

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Jun 11 2010

Induction Debrief

Be confident. Work hard. 24/7. Have fun. Be honest with yourself. Be nice. Stay close to your students. Reflect daily. Use data, not your feelings. Focus on the achievement gap. Tackle it. Work as part of a team. Invest in students and parents. Be humble. Learn. Remember that you’re a change agent. These were just…

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Jun 02 2010

Are you our Sub?

I’ve been sort of frantic the last few days, preparing for my impending move some 1,200 miles across the country. Packing becomes the easy part when I look at the tall stack of TFA pre-institute materials and Praxis study guides that I should probably be focusing even more of my time & energy on. I’ve…

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