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Oct 21 2009


Had my first formal observation this week, and it went really well. I told my kids if they rocked it I would consider doing a pizza party on Friday, and they actually did NOT rock it the way I was hoping they would, but it gave me the chance to display my classroom management to…

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Oct 18 2009

A Long Time Coming

I want to apologize to my friends and families.  I promised to regale you all with tales of my teaching adventures and misadventures.  To tell you every little detail about teaching in Louisiana and tackling supposedly one of their world’s most dangerous creatures…MIDDLE SCHOOLERS. Instead, I remained fairly silent.  Well not so much, my mom…

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Oct 09 2009


I’m taking my first sick day today. It sucks, but unlike when I had to miss a day to do data training with the district, I don’t have enough energy to be worried about my kids. There’s stuff in the sub folder, the lesson plan/agenda is up on the board. If things go crazy, it…

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Oct 07 2009

Time is (NOT) on my side…

I really don’t have time to be posting, but I haven’t in a while, and I sometimes have felt over the past week like I do nothing but grading. The end of my first nine weeks of teaching is on Friday, and I simultaneously feel like I’ve been doing it FOREVER and like I just…

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Sep 25 2009

Jumping Up And Down

Today was a good day. I just – I have such love and joy and pride in my kids. I don’t know what I expected when I started – I expected the struggle, and the pain, and the exhaustion. I expected to feel helpless most of the time, feeling like I didn’t know what I…

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Sep 23 2009


Today my PD came to my school and observed one of my classes, and then she and my AP and I had a talk about my concerns with my first period class. And what I’ve taken away from this conversation is this: I need to calm the heck down. I’ve been so, so worried and…

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Sep 17 2009



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Sep 12 2009

Teacher Guilt

So here’s the thing. On the one hand, I absolutely and completely love my kids and I’m still having a ridiculously fun time up in front of the classroom. On the other hand, I have such overwhelming guilt – because there’s so much paperwork and I find it so intimidating, and it seems so inextricably…

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Sep 04 2009

At the end of Month 1…

We’re coming up to the end of my first month of teaching, and in the past week quite a lot has happened. I got my first full load of classes a week ago yesterday! I am thisclose to having all my students’ names memorized, too – a lot of them were in my Study Skills…

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Today my kids translated the Fresh Prince of Belair theme song into Standard Academic English as a practice for using SAE during the first draft writing of their first ever five paragraph essay for my class. It was pretty much the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. I am not exaggerating when I say that…

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