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Jan 07 2014

In which I freeze a little

It’s amazing that a foot of snow and some sub-zero temperatures can send me spiraling into a strange alternate universe.  In this alternate universe, my sixteen day holiday break has turned into eighteen days, St. Louis has turned into a block of compacted ice and snow, and my brain (and probably the brains of my…

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Nov 03 2013

In which it is November 3rd

A co-worker asked me during a professional development session on Friday why I wasn’t writing anymore. I guess I could have told him that this was a TFA platform, and that as a (CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT) “alumna” of Teach For America, I no longer thought I had anything much to say. That’s really…

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So far, being a third year teacher seems to be mostly about doing all of the things that I was too scared to do in my first two years. For example, yesterday, I died. Not really.  Obviously I’m still at least animated enough to type this blog post. Still, my death did take place during…

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Jul 16 2013

In which there is peace in our times

It’s been a tumultuous summer to be a teacher in St. Louis. For those not living every moment of our educational soap opera, recent court decisions have made it possible for kids in unaccredited districts like mine to be transferred to fully accredited schools, on their home district’s dime.  Naturally, this is turning into a…

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May 08 2013

In which it’s a question of degrees

Comparisons are deadly. A few months ago, I had a case of viral Crud that kept me feeble for weeks.  I came to work every day with my low grade fever and kept all of the lights off in my classroom to delay the inevitable daily migraine.  When TFA staff came in and made the…

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Apr 26 2013

In which there are thoughts on a Thursday

I haven’t brought work home from school during the week for a long time.  Call it Senioritis, call it work place efficiency, call it whatever you want.   Whatever it is, I dragged a lovely and inspiring pile of student work home with me tonight, and settled down to spend 3 hours alternatively snacking and…

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Apr 10 2013

In which my nose grows longer

I think I am slowly losing cognitive function. This is being written on a clipboard on Day 2 (of 3) of district benchmark testing.  If you don’t know, that means we have to give long, painful, multiple choice tests three times a year that, theoretically, predict performance on the state test. I can think of…

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Mar 10 2013

In which there is a lack of certainty

Being a teacher means not ever being Sure. At the beginning of the year, you’re not Sure where your classroom will be, or with what and with whom it will be filled.  If you’re like me and you work in an unaccredited district, you’re not even Sure you’ll have a classroom. Kids ask you questions…

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Feb 15 2013

In which there is February 14th

A really long time ago there was this guy named St. Valentine.  He lived in Rome and there was something about weddings.  It’s really interesting, you should learn about it some time. (Yes I just wrote that paragraph.  Yes I spent today in a writing PD.  Yes I should probably be ashamed of myself.  Oops?)…

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Feb 02 2013

In which I’d rather be coloring

A friend of mine said recently that she missed my blog, but that she assumed that all was well in my universe if I wasn’t writing much. This is mostly true.  The good news, to all of you first years in the dreaded pre-Valentine’s amp up, is that on this side of year two, things…

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