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May 28 2012

In which it’s like… over?

I never thought that this post would be the most challenging writing assignment of my year. I have composed it in my head thousands of times.  Somewhere in the universe’s negative space where things you don’t write down go, there is the triumphant “Closed That Achievement Gap, Y’all” version I imagined during Institute, the “I…

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May 23 2012

In which there are numbers

I need make only one more peanut butter sandwich.  I only have to eat two more, which means that in three days I can eat an infinite array of lunch possibilities if I so choose.  I only have to hear my phone go off at 5 AM two more times.  I only have to limit…

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May 19 2012

In which I finally get that song from RENT

When I was thirteen, I sang the baritone part in Seasons of Love in my summer arts camp women’s chorus (it is a boon to be vocally versatile at times). If you weren’t born to be a musical theater geek, you might not know the song by name.  It’s the one that asks, “how do…

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May 14 2012

I Got Placed in St. Louis- Now What?

First of all, congratulations! Yay! You’re probably having very mixed feelings right now. On one hand, you’re like, YAY!, I got into TFA. Then you saw that you got, like, your 10th choice for placement, Saint Louis (a.k.a. St. Louis, STL, HuSTLe City, The Lou). Just kidding. I’m sure you ranked us number one. Well,…

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May 12 2012

In which there are 10

You can tell a lot about a school by the state of its lockers. At my school, our lockers are a strange shade of blue, that even now as I stare out at them from my classroom door, I can’t find an appropriate adjective to describe.  Many of them are lock-less, as their owners have…

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May 11 2012

A Charming Third Time

So let’s hope I’m better at teaching than I am at blogging about teaching. There’s so much I wish I could have blogged about over the past few years, but I live in fear of saying the wrong thing, and it’s been better to just stay quiet than to risk the consequences of being honest.…

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May 05 2012

In which I slam on the brakes

It’s a tumble-onto-bed, asleep-before-you-fall kind of Friday night. I got home from having a singular adult beverage with my team by 6 PM.  I sat down on my bed at 6:05, and at 7 I opened my eyes, astonished that, at some point, I must have closed them. It’s not that I worked so very…

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Apr 23 2012

In which it’s complicated

My kids don’t think that I can text. Somewhere in New Jersey, my parents just read that sentence and laughed, because they remember how many times in my youth I went over the monthly text messaging limit on our family cell phone plan. Nevertheless, since I am somewhere between 30 and 10,000 years old, it…

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Apr 17 2012

In which there is blah

The blahs are universal.  They are endemic to the human population, but especially to those of us who spend our days in the Institution of the School, the Training Ground for Young Minds. This week is our state testing window, and so children and adults alike seem to veer manic-depressively from focused attention to mad…

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Apr 07 2012

In which all was well

This week… One of my children asked if my haircut could be considered a mullet.  I said that I hoped not. I spent the last 10 minutes of the day on Wednesday cycling between every accent that I can reasonably attempt, much to the delight of 50% of my sixth hour class.   The other…

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