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Apr 02 2012

In which there is a secret life of teachers

Here is a universal truth about children: they are all baffled and fascinated by the lives their teachers live outside of school. Here is a universal truth about adults: we don’t grow out of it. After high school, I underwent the modern rite of passage of becoming Facebook friends with my former teachers.  To this…

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Mar 26 2012

In which it’s not ok

Teaching is one big identify crisis, I write confusedly on the far side of Spring Break, perhaps a side effect of being somewhat refreshed, rejuvenated, renewed. Warning: This is about to get heavy.  I don’t think I make a single joke or snide comment in this entire post.  I might even say something negative about an…

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Mar 18 2012

In which there is philosophy in facebook

Spring Break makes you do unusual things, things that you don’t have time to do during the normal work-a-day craziness of life as a teacher. If I were being poetic, I would tell you that the stand out leisure activity from today, my first day of temporary freedom, was wandering through an epically well stocked…

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Mar 17 2012

In which there is stream of consciousness

Random thoughts: Taken from the morning drive to North County. Recorded during the last commute before Spring Break, en route to the final four hours of parent-teacher conferences. Influenced by the heavenly aroma of STL Bread Co. bagels for the team in the front seat.   Why is pulchritude such an ugly word when it…

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Mar 12 2012

10 (of the thousands of) Things I’ve Learned to Accept

1. No matter how hot I think an outfit looks on me, at least ONE kid will ask me if I’m pregnant. 2. No matter how infrequently I sit down, the principal or superintendent will walk into my room during the only two seconds I sit down all semester. 3.  No matter how awesome I…

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Mar 11 2012

In which it always gets harder

  Here is the craziest part of the TFA experience.  Every time you think that you have experienced the hardest thing you can experience, it turns out that you ain’t seen nothing yet. I  am writing this on another Megabus trek to Chicago, listening to my Institute playlist.  Institute was SO hard (sorry 2012s, when…

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Mar 03 2012

In which reading is everything

About 98% of the time, this blog is about me.  My struggles, my moments of clarity, my hilarious and often ridiculous inner monologue.  And this is good, because in the past 6 weeks during which I have clawed my way out of Deep Dark Depression (a word that I do not use lightly), I have…

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Feb 25 2012

In which I am all seven dwarfs

Doc…  Teaching as Leadership right?  If Doc applied to TFA he’d be all up on that TAL rubric. Grumpy… Sometimes after I have said, “Please go to the cafeteria, please go to the gym, please get in line for breakfast, please take a seat, please don’t throw that milk carton,” for the 23,000,000th  time in…

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Feb 18 2012

In which it soothes the savage beast

Confession: I wrote this post on Thursday, from my classroom. There’s something a little wasteful and opulent about writing while I’m at school, but sometimes I figure that if I’m going to teach it, I have to practice it. Also, I magically finished next week’s lesson plans that morning, including worksheets.  Also, I had nothing to…

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February 14th seems like a strange day to be looking back on the last year.  It’s not New Years, it’s not a birthday, and it’s not any other yearly marker of time’s passage. It is the anniversary of something bad happening to some Catholic saint somewhere for some reason, but we won’t go into that.…

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