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Jan 11 2014

The Newcomers Class

On Tuesday an office aid brought me a sub cover sheet with an interesting assignment on it. The teacher of the newcomer class would be gone for a meeting and needed someone to look over his class. The newcomer class is for students who have been in the United States for less than a year…

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Jan 07 2014

No, really- don’t get comfortable

At the onset of this school year, I wrote a post entitled “Don’t Ever Get Comfortable”. When I wrote it, I was still reeling from the news that I’d had my teaching placement switched and that I would be teaching at the remedial level. I was extremely frustrated and upset, but ultimately it ended up…

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Dec 13 2013

Lipstick and smiles

Ya’ll, teaching at a middle school is weird. I constantly think about how all of my friends chilling in Corporate America could never relate to what goes on here at RMS. Today, I was at scanning duty (which is a unique enough experience already) when I saw a girl coming up through the line. Even…

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Dec 12 2013

Creating readers

After we finished reading The Outsiders last week, one of my students looked up from the essay sitting in front of him to ask if he could borrow a copy of the book. He hadn’t missed any of the reading, so I didn’t understand why he’d want a copy of the book we’d just read.…

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Dec 10 2013

How to fix the achievement gap — part 3

I’ve written a couple of other blogs about my evolving attitudes on fixing the achievement gap.  This one will probably be the most personal out of all of them, because one of the big problems with the achievement gap has come home to roost in my family.  I have a wonderful son who came to…

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Dec 05 2013

What teaching has done to me

More specifically, what teaching at a low-income school has done for me. Two things you should know about who I was in college. 1. I was a joyous person. Not to say that my life was gilded or that I didn’t work my tail off for things or that I was a golden child who…

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Nov 07 2013

Finding what works

What does work look like?  To some teachers, it’s the sound of pencils quietly scratching on paper and students breathing.  I have tried my best to get there and it just isn’t going to happen.  But I’ve made a discovery.  This particular group of students this year works while they’re talking and laughing.  I know…

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Oct 29 2013

What I see when I walk into other classes

Today, during my plan, I ducked into the computer lab to make some copies for the day. Normally the lab is empty, but because of construction there’s a class in there for the time being, so students were in class while I was making copies and I got a rare view into another classroom here…

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Oct 28 2013

What is the price we pay for “Every Child”?

“I’m out of here.” And just like that, Steven* picked up his backpack, hopped out of his desk, and made his way to the door. I deftly interposed myself between him and the door before he could leave and gently asked if he’d like to talk about it. “Yeah, I guess so.” I shot out some…

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Oct 28 2013

Where did Fall Break go?

I’ve had the last two weeks off! Because we’re on a full year calendar, we are blessed with a two-week Fall Break during the dreaded month of October. This break couldn’t have come at a better time. As we near the end of October, students and teachers alike have been working hard for three months…

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