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Mar 19 2012

Springing into more changes in 2012!

Lots of updates again, since the last post in January… #1. We are moving to Salt Lake City, Utah this summer for Brandon’s medical school residency program!!! We are super excited! We just found out this past Friday, March 16th! It was our number one choice, for many reason- the program training and schedule we…

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Jan 22 2012

Decisions, Hopes, Change

One month from today, Brandon (the hubby), will put down his (our) preferences for medical school residency! Whoa! We have been between Kansas City (KU program) and here (OKC/OU program), but… there’s been a recent ‘wrinkle’ in our decision-making… Salt Lake City! Brandon went up last weekend for an interview with Univ. of Utah, going…

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Dec 06 2011


It has been just under one month since I was accepted as a 2012 corps member for the Mississippi Delta area. I am very eager to get more information and to get started. I graduated from Beloit College in Wisconsin just about seven months ago. This year break I have in between has only made…

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Oct 11 2011

Fourth Year- The favorite number 4!

I am one and a half weeks away from the end of first quarter, in my FOURTH year teaching- craziness! It has literally been a whirlwind of transition in my life these last four years, INSIDE the classroom, and OUTSIDE the classroom. My last blog post stated a lot of the most recent changes… I’ll…

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Jun 09 2011

A Whole New World

Are you singing the Aladdin song in your head too? I had to title this post “A Whole New World,” because my life has dramatically changed since my last post in January. Here are some of the recent updates… 1. I got married March 19th, 2011 to my bestfriend & greatest love! I am now…

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Jan 25 2011

Half way through my 3rd year teaching art

Hello again. I realized I hadn’t written anything since November…that’s what the holidays and preparing for a wedding will do to ya …so I’m back! I was encouraged to find a few comments from people getting ready to teach art or getting into TFA. Thanks for writing! Sometimes you wonder if anyone is benefitting from…

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Nov 19 2010

Seasons of Love/Creativity World Forum

I am currently incorporating the classic song “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway hit- RENT- into classroom art projects for Kindergarten, 2nd, & 3rd grade. Here’s a few details… Kinders have “sing & paint” as a grade level theme this winter, so I’ve decided to have them paint pictures that illustrate the lyrics to “Seasons…

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Oct 21 2010

Glorious Fall Break

Sittin’ at home in my apartment right now, basking in the FREEDOM and the beauty of fall. We wrapped up 1st Quarter at Stanley Hupfeld Academy on Tuesday night with parent/teacher conferences, so everyone is enjoying the break I’m sure! Teachers & students need it every now and then- to come back refreshed, with new…

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Sep 08 2010

Half-way through 1st Qtr.

I am in the middle of week five at my new school, and let me just say how AMAZING the difference is from DC to here! Beginning with the positives.. 1. I am in my third year of teaching art (that’s a big one by itself) 2. I only teach K-5 art now (rather than…

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Aug 05 2010

School Planning & Wedding Planning!!!

School starts in a week for me (AHHH!), so I’m spending time doing my first round of lesson plans and organizing my new art classroom for K-5 kiddos! ¬†Exciting, but lends itself towards some anxiety…. I’m trying to remember a little phrase my Grandmother sent me in an email today that said “I AM TOO…

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