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Jul 18 2010

Official OKC Resident

I moved to my new apartment in OKC this past Monday, and am liking the new life thus far! Family is just an hour and a half away, boyfriend is just 15min or so away, and my roomie Erin is super sweet. Thank you Lord! My drive to my new school is only about 5-10…

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Jul 03 2010

Back in OK to Stay (…at least for now)

I’ve been home in Tulsa, OK for three weeks now, and here’s what’s gone down: Week 1: Wedding festivities for my bestfriend, which meant HUGE reunion of good friends; girl time, lake time, and lots of dancing! (I love you McKenna! God bless you and Paden in your new marriage!) I also spent a lot…

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Jun 04 2010

Coming to a Close

Just last night, I was “inducted” as an official Teach for America Alum. In 5 more days of teaching, and 10 more days altogether, I will be back in Oklahoma. Lots to process here. It’s bittersweet of course, and weird (for lack of better word), to know that I’m packing up my life in DC,…

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May 04 2010

Next Steps

Good news… I GOT THE JOB AT WESTERN VILLAGE FOR THE 2010-2011 SCHOOL YEAR!!! I found out on Friday afternoon, April 30th, and of course got off the phone and jumped around my art classroom at Hope. haha- GREAT news! Looooong-awaited news! Praise be to God! I will be the K-5 art teacher next year!…

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Apr 17 2010

Duke Ellington High School

Oh my goodness! I completely forgot to mention this in the post I just wrote, but it deserves it’s own chapter… I got to go to Duke Ellington High School on last Friday with one of my 8th grade girls who JUST GOT ACCEPTED to Duke Ellington High School’s Visual Arts program for next year!!…

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Apr 17 2010

Spring 2010 Has Arrived!

Post below written about March 20th: This past Saturday was the most glorious, sun-shining day in DC- and it just happened to be the first day of spring! I got outside for one of my runs down the National Mall, and passed by loads of Spring Breakers enjoying the beauty of the day. I love…

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Feb 27 2010

I can taste it! Spring & other good thangs…

Spring is just around the corner… I can taste it! My good friend, Caroline Bickley, who is a Kindergarten teacher at my school, a fellow Teach for America corps member, and my carpool, is about to go enjoy the sunshine with me, now that DC has finally recovered from all the snow! We’re going to…

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Feb 12 2010

Thoughts After the Snow

So, I missed an ENTIRE week of school, due to the MAJOR Blizzard the entire Northeast coast received- reeking havoc on DC, Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, New York, and so on. Most workers from the Federal Government were off as well! DC was called a “ghost town” on a CNN News Broadcast this week,…

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Feb 05 2010

Snowpocalypse Part Deuce in DC

At home, watching the second ‘big winter storm’ to hit DC this season, accumulate out my window. Beautiful. I’ve had 2 snow days this week, and I’m not trying to get home to family this go-round, so I WELCOME the snow! Anywho… I was reading over my last entry, and I wanted to include a…

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Jan 09 2010

Beginning of the end…

I just finished my first week of teaching in the new year of 2010, and although I’m not quite back in the routine yet… I’m feeling the urgency to get it together as I approach the end of my second year in Teach for America. As I sit at the beginning of what will be…

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