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Dec 24 2009


Hallelujah! I made it out of DC alive, and back to Oklahoma by Monday the 19th. Sitting in the family room in Tulsa on Christmas Eve right now- movie on, fire going, and sleeting snow. Christmas services have been canceled, but we are so thankful to all be together as a family. If I hadn’t…

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Dec 19 2009

I’ll be home (eventually) for Christmas…

Yowzerz! Stupid winter blizzard came right at the WRONG time. I was scheduled to fly back to Oklahoma this morning, but last night got the first cancellation of my flight out of Dulles. Perfect. I shamelessly cried on the phone with the Southwest lady, trying to find something for Saturday, but when I couldn’t, I…

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Dec 13 2009

It’s that time of year…

Yes- It is that time of year, when teachers and students alike anticipate being with their loved ones over the holiday break, and getting the time to relax, kick up their heels, and enjoy the blessings of good food and fun! I have less than a week left until I join my family and friends…

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Nov 25 2009

Thanksgiving Break 2009

Back in Richmond, VA with Great Uncle Bob & Aunt Mary for the second year in a row! I got a ride last night from a church friend, and am currently enjoying the quiet of their living room. It’s been a gray day here, but almost 60 degrees! As soon as I’m done writing, I’ll…

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Nov 21 2009

Surprising teachers!

One of the highlights from week 13 of my second year teaching, was surprising a 2nd grade teacher with a “Gratitude Wreath” that her students made in my class! I had her kids each draw a leaf on a piece of paper, write a thank you note on it, and then assemble all the leaves…

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Nov 05 2009


The CORE virtue at Hope this month is gratitude, meaning thankfulness. This virtue helps me keep perspective. This time of the year helps me keep perspective. There is much to be thankful for! I am one year and one quarter done! Things are only getting better. I live in a great area, have other roomies…

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Oct 25 2009

Art Mentor Please!

If anyone knows of an AMAZING art teacher, working in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, who has worked with MULTIPLE grade levels, please send them my way! I am enjoying this school year much more than last, and feel I’m getting better all the time, BUT I would still LOVE to have an ART MENTOR! I’d also…

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Oct 22 2009

The Doppelganger, etc.

My kids can’t tell the difference between me and Mr. A.  Okay, perhaps this is an over-generalization, but at least 7-12 times a day, I am Mr. A to a young Deltan.  My own individual teacher-person identity gets entirely erased and is replaced with, “white-guy who teaches here”  I remember that Amanda (and doesn’t teach…

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Oct 12 2009

Long Overdue!

Ok wow. Lots to say!! I have had 8 weeks of my second year of teaching, and it is (as stated earlier…) MUCH BETTER! There are many reasons for this: 1. I’m a second-year teacher. Nuf’ said. 2. We got a new FABULOUS Principal, who I spoke of in a previous post. I’m still a…

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Oct 07 2009

Update coming soon!!

I’m writing just to promise that an update will be coming SOON! I am into week 7 of the second year, and am almost to the end of the 1st Quarter (10 weeks)! WOW! There’s a lot to talk about, so I’m promising you (and holding myself accountable) that I will write a long blog…

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