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Nov 14 2013


by Justin Timberlake Obviously, I’m on a Timbo kick – but that’s “Not a Bad Thing” (see what I did there??!?) Anyway – before I digress into my deep and abiding love for Mr. Timberlake, let me talk about charter applications: they are long. My Charter School application will be about 330-350 pages. They will…

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Nov 13 2013

Not a Bad Thing

by Justin Timberlake Lately things have been interesting: I’ve gone from intense disappointment and intense anger with TFA to a sort of compromise between myself and the organization. Now this isn’t to say that all is well philosophically between TFA and me, BUT I think I have a better idea where TFA is coming from.…

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Nov 09 2013

One Mic

by Nas Hey Teachforus – This is just a heads up that I’m back and will be blogging as a more seasoned and even more reflective teacher. Here are the quit hits: I hate TFA less (but still think it’s problematic) I’m starting a school (because why talk shit without solving problems?) I think conversation…

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Nov 06 2013

The beginning of the end? Your thoughts sincerely appreciated.

Today sucked. Everything about today sucked. Well maybe not everything…During my plan time, I was in the office when a woman brought her daughter to school late. We recently got a security officer in our building for the sole purpose of protecting our principal and staff from this woman. There is a restraining order against…

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Nov 04 2013

Building Grit, I suppose…

It is said that grit is the most effective indicator of successful people.  There is a stronger correlation between grit and success than anything else. I don’t know if I’m particularly “gritty” or not, but luckily for me, grit can be built. I suppose this is what it feels like to build grit. To be…

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It occurs to me that I have no idea what the general public opinion is of Teach For America. On the one hand, all my parents’ friends really seem to like it, and most older folks I meet think it’s great. On the other hand, nearly every time I see TFA mentioned in an internet…

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Oct 19 2013

The Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Going back to Los Angeles for a wedding last weekend made it tough to show up in school on Monday.  Honestly, I didn’t want to come back.  However, on Friday before I left for the weekend, one of my students ran up to me (like she always does on Fridays) and asked me if I…

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Oct 15 2013

The world is silly.

My parents live in a fairly ritzy suburb of Boston, and they take their puppy every day to doggy day care in the city while they work. Perhaps a little fussy, but not outside the realm of possibility for a lot of people. It costs $28 a day to board your dog at this place.…

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Oct 13 2013

Not enough time…

He can multiply! Woohoo! “He” in this case is my used-to-be-lowest kiddo, who has some serious (and documented) short term memory issues. Math is a terror for this kid because he doesn’t have the memory to remember…anything. Including his facts. That means if he’s doing, say, multiplication, he starts, then has to pause and make…

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Oct 12 2013

“…angrily stabbing vegetables and avoiding eye contact…”

I met with my real time coach on Wednesday, and the title of this post is a direct quote from our convo. She told me that I have to watch my tone—that I was mean to my kids, and she wouldn’t want to learn from me either. She is big on no-nonsense nurture; heavy on…

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