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Apr 07 2013

Spring Break, or, Why I Worked All Break

Tonight is the last night of my spring break, and the last day I will have off (besides weekends, which barely count ;)) until June 28.  There is much to be said. First off, the short answer to the question “Srta. D, why did you work over your spring break?” is because I needed some…

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Jan 20 2013

What Has Been Happening?

Well, I am still teaching Spanish For America.  I am now considered a fully certified K-12 Spanish teacher.  And, in line with my 2-year commitment, I am still teaching at the same school.  Year 2 is much better, overall, and I’ll explain some reasons why. When I walked into my school at the beginning of last…

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Dec 02 2012

Hiatus. Half marathon. Happenings.

Wow.  So apparently in Year 2 you have a lot more time, except most of that time is now dedicated to me and doing things that I want to do.  It is really nice to have more of a work-life balance this year, and be able to venture out and do more things that I…

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Aug 25 2012

Week One– Check!

I made it through week one! Instead of having a million things on my mind I constantly think about my students now. It’s been awesome meeting everyone and appreciating the variety of people that sit in my classroom. I teach mostly 9th graders, but definitely 10th and 11th graders as well.  Everyday by 7th period…

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Aug 19 2012

First Day of School Tomorrow

I feel like I have ten thousand things on my mind. I start thinking about one thing and before I know it I’m distracted by another. Same thing about feelings. I’m unusually calm and then suddenly extremely overwhelmed. Yesterday I ran into one of my students at Wal-mart. He came up to say hi to…

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Aug 18 2012

Year 2 > Year 1

We have already completed our first 2 weeks of school!  I can hardly believe how fast they have gone by and how much better I am feeling compared to this time last year.  I am getting sleep, have stuck to my running/gym schedule and even have been able to go out with some friends for…

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Aug 13 2012

I’m back?

It’s been a long time since I posted, apologies.  Teachforus sent me several emails to remind me to post.  I have been busy with life changes and those fun sorts of things not necessarily TFA related. Coming out of Institute it felt like my entire world revolved around teaching and Teach For America. But no…

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Jul 17 2012

El fin de Institute

Institute ended on Friday. The First 8 Week Kick-Off  (it’s basically more training) began yesterday and ends on Wednesday. Then I get to be a real person again, it’ll be refreshing to get away from cafeteria food and the dorm lifestyle. I’m not even sure where to start.  Institute ended so quickly and a lot of…

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Jul 04 2012

Finding the J-factor

I’m not sure if it’s TFA lingo or just Delta Institute Greenville-Weston lingo, but J-factor stands for “joy.” Someone has already designated that for my nickname.  We talk a lot about bringing the j-factor into our classrooms and just into everything we do.  This is the Saturday after my first week of teaching and second…

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Jun 14 2012

La Srta.: Also a recess coach

So I came here to vent my frustrations and when I went to look at the list of draft posts I haven’t yet posted, I found one with the above title.  I thought that was pretty funny, considering it’s also the reason I am currently frustrated. To make a long story short, sorry I haven’t…

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