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People often ask me what Teach for America is, and why I am doing it. It’s hard to muster up the words to give the right reason, what I am feeling inside, and to put my passion and belief into words. I realized that there must not be enough words to express passion. It is…

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Dec 20 2012

Why now?

As of today at 2:30 p.m., I have officially made it to Christmas Break. I don’t want to use the word “survived,” but to be honest, after basically babysitting 120 7th/8th graders during an all day Christmas party (read: behavior management nightmare), that is how I feel. I’m starting this now because almost everyday my…

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Oct 27 2012

Scary October?

I kept hearing how horrible October is (No 2 day weekends) (honeymoon period is over) (kids are tired of routines), but in reality- it’s no harder than any other day. I finally feel like my tolerance level is through the sky. The kids don’t bother me as much as they used to- not because their…

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Oct 20 2012

Free Falling?

I finally feel a little settled in here. I’m teaching seventh grade science at a middle school. When I see my friends write about how “hard” college is. I just want to laugh, laugh, laugh. Every single day, I wake up a 6, teach all day, deal with 156 12 year-old’s weird cuts, weird digestive…

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Oct 07 2012


I guess since we are in the 2nd week of school, I should give you some updates on what is going on in Jax. I thought I would be able to keep this up- but hey- I have no life, so in what part should I have time to blog. My husband is out of…

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Sep 05 2012

First Day! Hooray!

So today was my first day of teaching. I can honestly say that it went well. I have 4 students thus far. I am sure the number will increase. The students have different interests and career goals that should make the journey and interesting one. When I first arrived at the school, I can’t say…

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Sep 03 2012

My 7th graders

One of the best, best, best things about this year is seeing my first class of 5th graders become 7th graders. They all are so tall now! They stride around campus, clapping each other on the back and hurriedly tucking in their shirt as a teacher passes by. Whenever they see me, they smile and…

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Aug 19 2012

A New Leaf

In retrospect I wish I would have stuck to just one leaf design and done a bigger variety of colors (red, orange, yellow, and green), but whatever. It’s the meaning that counts.  

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Aug 19 2012

Bungee Jumping on the First Day

The first day of school. I got to school at 6:45, which is amazing to me in comparison with previous years and considering the fact that I had been in PA Friday-Sunday. I was excited. I wasn’t truly nervous. The students were so quiet. As always, I WAY overplanned, at least for homeroom. I got…

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Aug 16 2012

Introduction: Years 0, 1, & 2

It’s my third year in my “placement school.” For all the non-TFA out there, basically it means I stayed. REWIND!   Back in my spring year of college, I learned about an organization that seemed to match up with my educational values, passions, and career goals. It was TFA. (At this point I’m not going…

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